Bidders get second shot at $6.9B NetCents contract

The Air Force sets a June 6 deadline for bidders to submit revised proposals

The Air Force has officially reopened the competition for its $6.9 billion NetCents 2 products contract.

In April, the Air Force awarded contracts to nine companies, but quickly backed off that decision after receiving protests from losing bidders.

In its announcement, posted on, the Air Force acknowledges the protests but says it is not responding on the merits or agreeing to any of the allegations the protests raised.

“It became apparent that offerors may have inconsistently interpreted the requirements of the [request for proposals] as it related to completing contractual documentation and - in some aspects - the technical and price requirements,” the Air Force wrote in its memo to bidders.

The memo states that discussions with all the bidders in the competitive range are being reopened. These bidders will be allowed to submit another round of final proposal revisions

The revisions are due by June 6.

The bidders must file a Trade Agreements Certificate and contract/solicitation modification form SP30 by that date.