Real-life Bonnie, Clyde allegedly stole from USAID

Mark Adams had served as the deputy director of a still-unnamed private contractor.

An employee working for a federal contractor at U.S. Agency for International Development has been charged with swiping more than $1 million from his place of business, the Associated Press reported April 12.

Mark Adams had served as the deputy director of the private contractor, still unnamed at this time, the AP said.

Since the alleged caper also involves Adams' wife, Latasha Bell, the crime plays out like a real-life Bonnie and Clyde scene but instead of being on-the-lam, the couple pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, wire and mail fraud, theft from a program that uses federal funds to fight the global heath crisis, conspiracy to launder cash, and aggravated identify theft.

The team allegedly lived the high-life for a while though, using the cash to drive around town in two luxury automobiles, worth more than $110,000, and to gussy up their Fort Washington, Md., home.