QinetiQ launches app for pilots, air traffic controllers

Company's first app tests abilities and knowledge of core airspace data sets.

QinetiQ North America has jumped into the apps business releasing its first piece of software on Apple’s iTunes store. And it’s a game, but not the Angry Birds type.

Instead, QinetiQ’s application is targeted at air traffic controllers, pilots, airport staff and others who want to study and test themselves on the International Civil Aviation Organization and International Air Transport Association data sets or codes that are used in air operations around the world.

The Aviation Data Trainer will help users learn and understand the codes. Data sets are included for hundreds of airports, telephony codes and airline and aircraft identifiers in North America, Europe and around the world.

Users can learn at their own pace using configurable flash cards and tests to track their progress. There are also games to test memory.

For now the app is free, but it will cost $1.99 after March 12. 

Development of the debut app grew out of QinetiQ’s work in training and simulation, and work with the Federal Aviation Administration, said John Radziszewski, executive vice president and general manager of QinetiQ North America.

The company plans two more app releases. Next up is a training app to help users learn about different airspaces around the world. The third release will focus on skill sets for air traffic controllers.