Guident wins $30M Justice BPA for software assistance

The development services will support the DOJ’s Management Systems staff and other units within the Antitrust Division.

Guident will provide software development services to the Justice Department under a five-year blanket purchase agreement that has a potential estimated value of $30 million.

Under this BPA, which is also available to any DOJ component, the systems-engineering provider’s software services will assist the department’s Antitrust Division, according to a Feb. 13 Guident announcement.

The software development services will support the DOJ staff in Management Systems, Web Customer Liaisons, Office Automation, and Litigation Support.

Specific task areas of support include:

  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Process Management and Forms Development
  • Web 2.0 Collaborative Applications
  • Economic Analysis
  • Management Systems Security
  • MIS Infrastructure Development
  • Website Design, Development, and Content Management

“The ability to leverage software solutions to streamline processes and enable a more efficient workflow is key to an agency delivering on its given mission,” said Dan Ackerman, Guident executive vice president, in the announcement.