DHS plans industry day to highlight IT priorities

Sessions will cover five key mission areas including cyber, securing borders and disaster recovery.

The Homeland Security Department is planning an industry day Feb. 28 in Washington that explore priorities in five mission areas.

The day-long event at the Ronald Regan Building in downtown D.C. also includes a DHS CIO Council meeting that will be open to the public and cover fiscal 2012 initiatives.

The five mission areas are:

  • Preventing terrorism and enhancing security
  • Securing and managing borders
  • Enforcing and administrating immigration laws
  • Safeguarding and securing cyberspace
  • Ensuring resilience to disasters

Each mission area will have its own breakout sessions that include more details on specific initiatives. For example, under preventing terrorism, there will be information presented on Secure Flight, a Transportation Security Administration program. The ensuring resilience to disasters will have breakouts on the Homeland Security Information Network and the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

The agency said that acquisition information on specific program areas will be presented.

DHS has a $39.6 billion 2012 budget and the budget request for fiscal 2013 is $39.5 billion.