Guident wins GSA award for database, data warehouse support

Among other things, the award will strengthen the Business Objects platform for the Federal Acquisition Service's Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Guident, a business intelligence and systems engineering government contractor, has won a five-year, $21 million contract to provide Business Objects support services to the General Services Administration.

The contract, issued by the Federal Acquisition Service's Office of the Chief Information Officer, calls for Guident to maintain the office's Business Objects platform while providing technical services on behalf of FAS business lines, according to a Jan. 24 company announcement.

Specifically, the company will provide support activities required to develop, operate and manage the databases, data warehouse and Business Objects suite of products incorporated into FAS’ Business Intelligence Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Technical services include:

  • Maintaining, updating, upgrading the suite of Business Objects software and enhancing Oracle databases related to the Business Intelligence Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Developing and modifying business objects reports, dashboards, and universes
  • Providing technical advice/support, instructional workshops, and user support on Oracle and Business Objects solutions
  • Documenting all modifications and providing overall program management

The Business Intelligence Enterprise Data Warehouse was developed for reporting purposes and is comprised of financial and program information extracted from FAS production systems and GSA's accounting system.

Financial and program analysts, business managers, and program officials use this information to analyze and report on financial and program activities, the announcement explained.