Inside the Social Security Administration

We delve into the budgets, contractors and opportunities coming out of the Social Security Administration.

Mission: Administer the nation’s social insurance programs including retirement, survivors and disability insurance programs 2011 budget: $12.2 billion* 2012 budget: $12.5 billion 2011 IT budget: $1.5 billion 2012 IT budget: $1.5 billion *Budget figures are estimates
Social Security Administration: 

People you should know:

Michael Astrue, commissioner
Dianne Rose, associate commissioner for acquisition
Seth Binstock, deputy associate commissioner for acquisition
Franklin Baitman, chief information officer
Brad Flick, associate CIO
Wayne McDonald, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Pat Bullock, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

Top Contractors (2007-2010) :

Lockheed Martin: $311 million
IBM: $297.5 million
Hewlett-Packard: $163.3 million
Dell: $150.7 million
Computer Associates: $115.6 million
NANA Regional Corp.: $89.2 million
Nortel Networks: $82.4 million
Vion Corp.: $82.3 million
MicroTech: $78 million
Northrop Grumman: $76.1 million

Top 8(a) contractors (2007-2010) :

MicroTech: $78 million
Koniag Inc.: $63.2 million
AHTNA Engineering: $43.3 million
Bowhead Systems Management: $21.6 million
Reliasource Inc.: $7.5 million
Platinum One contracting: $4.2 million
Admiral Elevator Co.: $4.1 million
Actionet: $3.5 million
Guident Technologies: $3.2 million
Whitestone Group: $2.5 million

Top Product/Service Codes (2007-2010) :

Other ADP and telecommunications services: $861.6 million
ADP software: $507.3 million
ADP support equipment: $233.4 million
ADP input/output and storage devices: $214.3 million
ADP components: $158.4 million
Relocation services: $134.2 million
Repair and rebuilding equipment: $123.5 million
ADPE system configuration: $115.7 million
Other medical services: $92.8 million
ADP data conversion services: $85.8 million

Top Opportunities:

National Computer Center Replacement:

Value: $500 million
RFP released in January 2011, awards expected in early 2012.
Purpose: Under the Recovery Act, the Social Security Administration is supposed to replace its national computer center.

IT Engineering Support Services: 

Value: $262 million
RFP expected in December, awards in February.
Purpose: Provide support for mainframe, distributed and telecommunications environments.

Interactive Video Teletraining Network:

Value: $54.6 million
RFP expected in January, award in March.
Purpose: Maintain and support the agency’s teletraining network, high definition studios, TV network, visual communication control center and video walls.

Consolidated Facilities Management – MidAtlantic: 

Value: $53 million
RFP expected in April 2014, award in September 2014.
Purpose: Provide management services at the Mid-Atlantic Social Security Center in Philadelphia.

Evaluate Youth Transition Demonstration Projects:

Value: $44.3 million
RFP expected March 2014, award September 2014.
Purpose: Help the agency better evaluate programs serving people with disabilities.

Source: Deltek and Social Security Administration