ITAA, NVTC renew bonds

The Northern Virginia Technology Council and the Information Technology Association of American signed an agreement last week to cooperate on lobbying efforts. ITAA will help NVTC with federal lobbying efforts; and NVTC will help ITAA with issues that arise in Virginia.They also will conduct some "mutual marketing efforts," according to an NVTC e-letter.Sounds like a good idea to me. Obviously, they have mutual interests. Plus both have seen their base shrink in recent years as mergers and acquisitions have consolidated the information technology market.This has fueled in part ITAA's efforts to merge with the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association and enter into merger talks with AeA, formerly the American Electronics Association.It also is another sign that the IT industry is maturing. Even in this down economy, there are still forces at work that make continued consolidation inevitable.While I doubt that the likes of ITAA and NVTC would ever merge, it makes sense to cooperate. It should save them some money and it will strengthen their lobbying umpf.