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Wyatt Kash

Director of Event Content Strategy & Editor-at-Large

Wyatt Kash served as chief editor of GCN (October 2004 to August 2010) and also of Defense Systems (January 2009 to August 2010). He currently serves as Content Director and Editor at Large of 1105 Media.

IT legends gather at AFFIRM Leadership Awards event


GSA solicitation solidifies cloud commitment

Efforts advance to make cloud computing services accessible to federal agencies with new RFQ, the launch of a web site, and new support for FedRAMP program.

Senior executives honored with Presidential Rank awards

Honored executives saved government $49 billion

Top DISA information strategist John Garing retires

DISA's director of strategic planning and information, John Garing, was instrumental in developing and advancing the information technology services DISA's provides the military through its Defense Enterprise Computing Centers.

GSA readies acquisition of cloud infrastructure services

After a false start earlier this year, GSA is laying the final groundwork for a fast-track acquisition of cloud computing infrastructure services.

Cloud adoption on the rise, but new report highlights trouble spots

A new survey of federal leaders paints an early picture of which applications are migrating to cloud computing. But limited awareness and trust remain big hurdles for agencies.

Sorenson to announce Apps for Army challenge

Army looks to accelerate Web and mobile application development by rewarding Army personnel for creative ideas.

Microsoft to Congress: Time to seed cloud computing

Privacy, security, and international sovereignty issues need congressional attention, says Brad Smith, senior Microsoft executive.

DISA to further integrate enterprise infrastructure, services

The defense agency also expects its Rapid Access Computing Environment to be available for Secret IP Router Network application development as early as this spring.

14 tech firms form cybersecurity alliance for government

A new testing center, part of an effort led by Lockheed Martin and 13 IT companies, will allow for collaboration on developing better cyber defenses.

Government transparency exposes new IT challenges

GSA's David McClure outlines IT issues requiring added attention during panel on collaboration and transparency at IAC-ACT's Executive Leadership Conference.

Cloud computing: Winners and losers

Technology companies that expect to beneift from cloud computing must creatively adapt licensing, pricing and revenue models.

Agencies expect warm embrace of Windows 7

A new survey suggests federal information technology managers expect to adopt Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system more broadly and more quickly than they did with Microsoft’s Vista OS.

Army explores commercially managed enterprise e-mail

The Army released a request for information this week seeking industry recommendations on ways to provide commercially managed enterprise messaging and collaboration services as part of a broader move to streamline and standardize operations and reduce operating costs.

Web 2.0 increases demand for data visualization tools

Data visualization tools offer new and more effective ways to represent and present complex data patterns graphically.

White House blog highlights public response to open government

White House officials, in a series of blog postings this week, provided a glimpse of how the public suggests the federal government could make government data more accessible — and be more transparent.

Aneesh Chopra offers glimpse of his priorities as federal CTO

Aneesh Chopra said he would look to support the president’s priorities through so-called innovation platforms, such as crowd sourcing.

Kundra promotes Web 2.0 tech as cost efficient

Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra says the government must tap Web 2.0 technology to capture the potential savings from available low-cost software applications and processing capabilities, and to reap a wealth of knowledge from citizens and organizations.