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Stephanie Meloni, immixGroup

Stephanie Meloni is a manager on the Market Intelligence team at immixGroup, an Arrow company, which helps technology companies do business with the government. The team utilizes a research-driven approach to help technology companies develop successful business strategies to sell to the public sector. She can be reached on LinkedIn at

JEDI: Patience you must have

As the Defense Department works in fits and starts toward a JEDI award, it's important for vendors to stay close to their customers because the road ahead is anything but straight and clear.


An inside look at DOD's AI strategy

The Defense Department is on the precipice of implementing AI and machine learning technologies, which could usher in a game changer for delivering capabilities to your biggest customer.


What you need to know as AI grows at DOD

The Defense Department is looking for more ways to use artificial intelligence to modernize operations. Here's what you need to know so you can play a key role.


Is a Space Corps in our future?

We might be years away from the creation of a separate Space Corps. But that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities today to support the mission.


Army budget points toward multi-domain operations

The Army still spends a lot of staffing, training and equipment and not enough on modernization but there are still significant opportunities to help the service improve multi-domain operations.


3 ways the Air Force Future Operating Concept will affect IT

The Air Force's new Future Operating Concept looks to integrate the domains of air, land, space and cyber, and that means there should be more business opportunities for solutions providers.


Cyber, cloud lead DOD budget priorities

An analysis by the immixGroup dives into tech opportunities in the Defense Department's 2016 budget and tracks trends that will influence DOD spending this year and beyond.

DOD combat commands need situational awareness

The combat commands' technology needs boil down to one thing: achieving situational awareness. immixGroup analyst Stephanie Meloni details how these commands need commercial-off-the-shelf vendor support to accomplish this mission.


3 big data opportunities that can help your customers

Big data is a bright spot in a tough market, and security, infrastructure and management are three keys to helping your customers succeed.


Where to find growth in a tight DOD market

immixGroup analyst Stephanie Meloni explains where to find the growth areas inside an otherwise shrinking Defense Department IT budget.


Lessons from DOD's bumpy adoption of cloud computing

The military services might be embracing the cloud with a "make haste slowly" approach, but there is plenty to glean from how they are doing it.