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Mike Lisagor

Mike Lisagor ( is a co-founder and chief knowledge officer.

Know how to say 'No' to bad bids

The most successful companies find a balance between chasing everything and being too picky on what to bid. Lack of discipline there creates a barrier to growth that is hard to overcome.


Why not all proposal writers are created equal

Proposal writing is part art and part science and the best writers benefit from training, incentives and infrastructure.


11 tips for teaming with prime contractors

There are plenty of pitfalls and possible mistakes when you form partnerships. Here's a guide for what to do and what to avoid.


Why lowest price, technically acceptable contracts suck

The practice of lowest price, technically acceptable contracting might work for buying pencils, but it's nothing but trouble for systems and services.


Don't discount the power of an old-fashioned conversation

Modern day communication technologies such as texting and emailing are great, but don't underestimate the effectiveness of an old school phone call or face-to-face conversation.


Will BD go freelance?

If more business development and capture management work goes freelance, who do contractors and BD specialists prepare for this new market dynamic?


Capture Factor: Don't overlook management requirements

Proving to a customer that you know how to manage a services contract can often be a deciding factor of whether you win or lose a competition.


Capture factor: Picking the right team

In part four of our series on capture management processes, Mike Lisagor explores the critical step of picking the right teammates.

Capture Factors: Know the state of your customer relationships

In part two of this multi-part series, Centurion Research Solutions BD expert Mike Lisagor explains how to evaluate your customer relationships when deciding the win-ability of an opportunity.


Capture management & opportunity assessment: Understanding the requirements

Centurion Research Solutions business development expert Mike Lisagor launches a multi-part series on how to assess the win-ability of a new business opportunity.


Don't take boilerplate material for granted

Smart proposal managers know that cutting and pasting boilerplate material can be a disaster. Here, Centurion Research Solution's BD expert, Mike Lisagor, explains how and why to keep this language fresh.


Overlooked victims of government shutdown

Government contractors have been furloughed along with their government counterparts, but many similarities end there according to Mike Lisagor of the market research firm Centurion Research Solutions.


Is there a cure for the shutdown blues?

For contractors, the impact of the shutdown might continue to be felt long afte the government reopens. Here are insights on what to expect and what to do from Centurion Research Solutions expert Mike Lisagor.


LPTA forces focus on price analysis

Do you know the five types of competitive price analyses you need to improve your capture strategy? BD guru Mike Lisagor explains what you need to know to win a pricing war.