Get ready for a leadership vacuum

2012 likely to be the year of leadership changes as the presidential election nears.

Don't encourage Charlie Sheen

ELC keynote speaker offers tips for technology use, including how to regard cranky, crazy celebrities.

Doing what with how much?

They were the words every agency manager wants to hear. Too bad they were wrong.

NASA chief technologist stepping down

Bobby Braun is returning to his pre-NASA life.

Should contractors count when feds cut heads?

Readers of our sister publication, FCW, argue that contractor employees are a key part of the workforce equation.

Wozniak: Put humans first in technology design

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak lays out principles for technology design.

Gen. Cartwright's nod to Mrs. Robinson

Gen. James Cartwright uses a classic movie to illustrate a contemporary point.

Aneesh Chopra on TV's lessons for real life

Does he have all seven seasons of MacGyver on DVD?

Twitter's Costolo becomes Obama adviser

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joins telecom advisory panel.

Reporting from the Management of Change Conference

A roundup of quips and chatter from the ACT/IAC conference taking place this week in rural Virginia.

Agencies share tips for better governance

Agencies have been slowly improving their governance processes by learning to balance control with agility, according to members of a panel at the Management of Change Conference.

Shutdown, furloughs averted at the 11th hour

Averting a government shutdown at almost literally the 11th hour, Congressional leaders reached agreement on the fiscal 2011 budget.

Stay updated during the shutdown

FCW will continue delivering timely information to our readers, even if the government shuts down.

Japan and our response -- some questions

How will America's ability to help other countries in crisis change in an era of spending cuts? And what does that do to our global image?

How would you spend $2,000?

If your agency gave you $2,000 to spend on mobile devices, what would you buy?

What happens (and what doesn't) if the government shuts down?

Tell us what your agency won't be doing if the government shuts down.

Mark Forman to leave KPMG

Mark Forman is leaving KPMG. His last day with KPMG is January 31. Forman was OMB administrator for e-government and IT during part of the Bush adminstration.

Federal furloughs: Would you check e-mail? Would you have a choice?

Some feds say is not realistic to expect them to lose ten working days out of the year.

VoteIQ: Social media for political junkies

Robbins-Gioia alumni have started VoteIQ, a social media site for political junkies.

On Thanksgiving, fed IT leaders count their blessings

We asked your colleagues what they're thankful for this Thanksgiving.