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John Hillen

John Hillen is the CEO of EverWatch Solutions and is a former Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, and former Chairman of the Professional Services Council.

Don't take the national security contractor workforce for granted

As the government moves through the COVID-19 crisis, it is critical that government leaders make the right decisions and remember that contractors are an essential part of the solution.


Can the shutdown lead to better government?

The partial government shutdown will end ... eventually ... and when it does there are concrete actions that can be taken to avoid the current debacle in the future.


Not just a job: 7 tips for new grads with new jobs

John Hillen offers his best advice for new graduates starting new jobs but there also is something in here for all of us.


How to lead a business through non-business challenges

As Google's CEO has learned, senior leaders often face challenges that require skills very different from the ones they learned in business school.


Trump and the GovCon market

The first 100 days have passed and it certainly has been a period of great debate but how much can the president really impact the government contracting market?


Turn Off Your TV: What I’ve learned teaching leadership during the 2016 presidential campaign season

If you want great examples of leadership, don't watch the presidential debates. Look around you and you'll see plenty of role models who are doing the right things for the right reasons.


Are you a strategic thinker or just a planner?

As John Hillen explains, there is a difference between strategic thinking and strategic planning, and understanding the distinction can help executives push their companies toward a brighter future.


Do you know who your most dangerous employee is?

Your most dangerous employee might not be the one you think of first. In fact, it might be a trusted and competent leader who hasn't kept up. Leadership expert John Hillen explains.

Leading change and the CEO's role as chief explaining officer

Leadership and government contracting expert John Hillen explains how leaders lead change and bring their organizations with them. Saying 'because I said so' just isn't an effective change management strategy.


Why climate matters when you make a career transition

Too often the focus of a career transition is where the best pay or highest stature can be found, but former Sotera CEO and George Mason professor John Hillen has found that the better chances of success come when you focus on culture and mission.


Why you need to know the source of your authority

Former Sotera CEO John Hillen continues to explore the nuances of leadership and management with a deeper dive into why people follow leaders and what George Washington and Atticus Finch can teach us about sources of authority.


Leadership or management?

Former Sotera CEO John Hillen explores the key differences between leadership and management and why you need to be skilled at both to have a successful business and a career.

Is the GovCon market a 'real' market?

In the conclusion of his three-part series on the future of the government contracting market, John Hillen takes on the criticism that the GovCon market isn't a real market. With stats to back his arguments, he mounts a strong defense of a market that is large, diverse and competitive.


What stands in the way of a more mature GovCon market?

The government can be a smarter buyer, but contractors need to embrace more competition and accept that change is good for their companies and the market.

How mature is the GovCon market?

Former Sotera Defense Solutions CEO John Hillen kicks off a three-part series exploring the future of the government market. First up, he offers a history lesson that tracks the market from its infancy to today's level of maturity.