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John Breeden II

John Breeden II is a freelance technology writer for GCN.

Challenge IBM's Watson, see the best mobile apps and more at FOSE

On the FOSE 2011 show floor, you can match wits with Watson, hang out at the BlackBerry Lounge, spend time at the Mobile Apps Theater and take in a full roster of live demonstrations.

D.C.'s 'worst' cell phone ranking smells like hot air

A J.D. Power survey ranked the Washington-Baltimore region last among 27 metro areas in cell phone service. But what did the survey really measure?

7 printers worth getting to know

GCN Labs reviews the latest generation of multi-function printers for the government market. Did they like what they found?

NFL technology is in play on the battlefield

The idea of the military tapping replay technology used by the National Football League to manage the fast-growing volume of battlefield video shouldn’t be overturned, GCN Lab director John Breeden writes.

A tech-laden traveler encounters TSA -- frequently

Gadget-toting GCN Lab director John Breeden has gotten used to extra scrutiny at the airport.

iEnvy: Do BlackBerry users need an iPad?

The apps available for Apple's sleek new iPad have many BlackBerry-carrying feds drooling, but BlackBerry also offers a robust, if lesser-known, app store, says GCN Lab Director John Breeden.

6 technologies that will grab your attention at FOSE

The GCN Lab offers a few ideas on new products worth checking out during this year's FOSE exposition.

Nexus One: All that and a trackball

Google ups the ante in the smart phone frenzy with the Nexus One, a smart phone running the Android OS.

Top products: The class of 2009

GCN Labs picks the best products from 2009, based on more than 150 product reviews and rigorous testing.

Droid does it better

The new Verizon Wireless Droid by Motorola is a phone that could really change the industry, and the way the federal government does its job.

Deja Vista: That's the impression that we got about Windows 7

With the release of Windows 7 yesterday, GCN Lab Director John Breeden responds to reader comments about his review of Microsoft's next-generation operating system.

Windows 7 review: 'New' OS is just Vista with small changes

Microsoft's Windows 7 has been touted as a new, better-running operating system. But despite the addition of a few handy features, the GCN Lab finds that it looks just like the Vista OS, has a lot of the same annoying quirks as Vista and delivers no difference in performance from Vista.

Two ways to stay ahead in the security race

<FONT SIZE=2>Security is a race that is never won. The only goal is to stay ahead of your opponent.</FONT>

FOSE 2002: Security, solutions and smart spending

The Transportation Security Administration is accepting proposals for a smart-card system to authenticate transportation workers, such as pilots and fight attendants.

Gates Stresses Need for Trustworthy Systems

Security and mobility will be key elements in a network landscape that will change drastically over the next five years, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said.