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Jean Stack

Jean Stack ( is the director of the aerospace, defense and government group at the investment bank Houlihan Lokey.

2012 M&As? Uncertainty ahead.

Now is the time to be aggressive to reach your business and financial goals.

What's driving the increase in divestitures?

More companies are breaking off pieces as they shape their portfolios or address conflict-of-interest concerns.

Think twice before selling your company

Depending on your business and what you want, a sale might not be your only exit strategy. Investment banker Jean Stack explores the alternatives.

5 M&A trends dominating the market

The conditions that made 2010 a stellar year for mergers and acquisitions promise to do the same for 2011.

Government still hot for M&A

Driven by a variety of events, strong merger and acquisition activity is expected for the balance of 2010 and well into 2011, writes Jean Stack at Houlihan Lokey.

New IPOs hold great promise for services sector

The initial public offerings of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. and KEYW Corp. offer compelling case studies on why companies choose to go public and what company attributes contribute to IPO success.

Ethics rules expected to spur acquisitions

The prospective consistency and clarity of new rules will determine the impact that OCI will have on M&A activity in the government services sector.

Contractors jockey for position on spending priorities

Company positioning in the current market environment is critical to a successful growth strategy, says Jean Stack, the director of the aerospace, defense and government group at Houlihan Lokey.

Government sector is a bright spot during in tough times

The government services sector was certainly not immune to the broader market conditions in 2009, but it did have a number of bright spots.

Major defense players soldier on with positive quarterly results

The Big 5 defense prime contractors remain resilient in their performance and moderately optimistic about their future prospects

Private equity keeps M&A fires burning

Private equity groups are keeping M&A alive in the government market. Some want to repeat past victories, while others are drawn to the stability of the marketplace.