ODNI chief warns tech firms about their double standard

The nation's top intelligence official said contractors who have reservations about helping the U.S. government should extend those same concerns to how they deal with foreign ventures.

Security clearance backlog drops 9 percent

An interagency council credits a series of changes instituted to the security clearance process this year with the first drop unprocessed background investigations in years.

White House touts new cyber strategy

The White House's new cyber strategy promises a higher profile for offensive operations against nation-states and criminal groups as the digital matures as a domain for warfare.

DHS to hold cyber-focused industry day

The Department of Homeland Security will hold an event Aug. 16 in Arlington, Va., to engage with "large and small companies interested in cybersecurity contracting."

IRS wants cloud-based AI to sniff out insider threats

The tax agency is looking for a cloud-based, artificially intelligent analytical platform that can identify and mitigate cyber and insider threats within the agency.

Federal ban on Kaspersky products upheld

A federal judge has ruled that a ban on Kaspersky security products are constitutional.

Meet the 7 leaders who will be steering modernization dollars

The Office of Management and Budget announced the first members of the Technology Modernization Fund Board.

Report finds contractors face significant security threats

A survey of more than 1,200 public sector contractors found that a significant number have suffered security breaches since 2016.

Is now the time for blockchain?

The hype around blockchain has far outstripped the application of the technology in the government but you should expect an uptick in the coming months.

CIOs fear employees, outdated systems

A joint survey by Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council found that IT leaders in government fear their own employees and outdated systems the most when it comes to cybersecurity.

How mergers, workforce culture led Parsons to be more tech-focused

Long known as an engineering and construction firm, Parsons turned to technology as a way to expand into new markets and services for its customers. Here's how they did it.