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Dan Rowinski

Dan Rowinski is a staff reporter covering communications technologies.

SAIC increases NASA portfolio with $1.3B NICS win

Company grabs a piece of space agency's Information Technology Infrastructure Integration Program.

Broadband consultant frustrated with Beltway policy making

Craig Settles, a broadband industry consultant and president of, as a D.C. outsider is frustrated with the ways of decision-making inside the Beltway.

IBM, Juniper launch mobile security team

Juniper brings its technology and IBM its man-power and might to bring mobile security options to the enterprise.

Drones as do-it-yourself project?

Dawn Meyerriecks says DIY drones aren't out of the question.

Opie Taylor helps launch Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Actor and director Ron Howard narrates a video introducing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

NASA extends SAIC's $63M IT contract

NASA has extended its Unified NASA Information Technology Services contract to Science Applications International Corp. with an eight-month base of $36.4 million with options for a 14-month period with potential value up to $62.7 million.

Apple's iOS makes enterprise gains, report says

Mobile security and solutions company Good Technology released a report showing iPhones and iPads making significant gains in the enterprise market.

The HUDdle: HUD's new Wordpress blog

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has rebranded its blog. Starting Tuesday it is now known as The HUDdle and is operating off of Wordpress open-source blogging software.

NASA names new deputy chief technologist

NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun has announced the appointment of Michael J. Gazarik as the agency's deputy chief technologist.

Verizon Wireless picks up world's best-selling smart phone

After years of speculation, the iPhone is finally coming to the Verizon network, breaking the lock AT&T has had on the Apple smart phone since 2007.

NASA chief technologist gets AIAA's von Karman Award

Bobby Braun has won the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics von Kármán award given annually to people who have distinguished themselves technically in the field of astronautics.

HP comes up ACES with $2.5B NASA win

HP Enterprise Services won a $2.5 billion contract to manage NASA's IT services across all the agency's centers. Who did they beat to win the contract?

Lockheed Martin wins NASA SEISS contract

Lockheed Martin's Space Systems Company will provide systems engineering for the Dextre robotic system.

NASA chooses Keegan as associate deputy administrator

NASA named Richard Keegan as the agency's associate deputy administrator on Dec. 16. He replaces Charles Scales, who has held the position since April 2007. Scales is retiring.

Unisys gains NASA flight simulation contract

NASA awarded a $48.5 million contract to Unisys Corp. to provide support for flight simulation research at Langley Research Center.

Treasury announces senior tech hires

Tim Duncan and David Forrest will be the senior technology leaders for the implementation team at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Hughes to provide government with managed broadband services

Hughes Network Systems believes that it can use its commercial satellite and DSL technologies to be a player in the federal broadband space.

Astronaut Alan Poindexter leaves NASA

Veteran NASA astronaut Alan Poindexter has left the agency to return to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif.