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Chase Gunter

Chase Gunter is a former FCW staff writer.

Census funding gets Senate scrutiny

Senators are raising concerns about the plans for funding the tech heavy 2020 Census.

AF's Kessel Run wants contractors to supply software development, project management skills

Kessel Run is looking to hire companies to supply contractors with skills in software development and project management to work on their government-owned software repository.

Defense Digital Service asking industry for help with background checks

DOD is getting ready to take over the background-checking responsibility and the Defense Digital Service is turning to industry for help.

Accenture questioned over DHS HR contract

Lawmakers are asking Accenture Federal Services some hard questions about its $300 million contract to build a hiring system for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Shutdown continues with no end in sight

President Trump and congressional Democrats continued their impasse over funding the government, with Trump stalking out of a meeting with Democratic leaders at the White House and Dems saying their "path forward" requires reopening shuttered agencies.

White House pitches tech giants on civic service

The Office of American Innovation hosted some of the biggest names in U.S. tech to explore ways to inject government with tech expertise from the private sector through "tours of duty."

SSA nominee 'scared' of legacy IT, shares priorities

Andrew Saul, President Trump's pick to head the Social Security Administration, says his IT priorities include modernization, data sharing and cybersecurity.

Congress makes deal to keep doors open until December

Congress has approved a "minibus" funding bill that keeps the government open until after the midterm elections.

SEC wants companies to file machine-readable financial data

The Securities and Exchange Commission is phasing in a requirement that companies report financial information in the XBRL data format.

Is $100 million enough to fund MGT projects?

The IT modernization fund is launching with a lot less money than envisioned by its creators, which could mean a proliferation of smaller projects to prove out the concept.

House, Senate OK omnibus budget bill

The $1.3 trillion spending package introduced March 21 cleared the House of Representatives and Senate. It now heads to the White House for the president's signature.

Trump's Management Agenda puts focus on IT modernization, workforce, government reorg

The administration has released a new President's Management Agenda focuses on IT modernization, reshaping the federal workforce and the reorganization of government.

FBI vet takes over IT shop

The FBI named John S. Adams to serve as the executive assistant director of its Information and Technology Branch and manage its IT infrastructure and information sharing.

FBI eyes major move to the cloud

As its major IT contract nears its end, the FBI is looking to make a major move to the cloud.

Where does IT modernization go from here?

The 2018 NDAA included the Modernizing Government Technology Act the law of the land but Congress still has to allocate the money for agencies to use the central fund that MGT creates. And what happens if they do?

AT&T to join Census mobile device efforts

The Commerce Department says a successful contract award protest is moot after AT&T agreed to join CDW-G on the Census mobile device-as-a-service contract as a subcontractor.

GAO dings Census for poor procurement

We look inside the key mistakes Census made when it awarded a $283 million contract to CDW-G for mobile devices for the 2020 population count.

AT&T wins protest over $283M Census mobile contract

AT&T has prevailed in a bid protest involving a $283 million contract to provide the mobile gear for the 2020 Census.

Trump administration wants tech CEOs to fix federal IT

The White House brought together several leading technology CEOs to discuss how industry can fix the government's IT and procurement woes.

Trump launches tech council

The White House is launching the American Technology Council to move along efforts to transform and modernize federal IT.