Why do federal managers oppose telework?

We have to ask: Do government supervisors have legitimate reasons for not letting federal employees telework?

5 top security suites for teleworkers

Agencies are requiring robust home security software for the growing number of people working from home. The GCN Lab reviews five antivirus and antispam suites that can handle the job.

Industry embraces telework

Federal information technology workers were much less likely than their private-sector counterparts to regularly or exclusively telework despite having favorable opinions of telecommuting, according to a report released today.

Beyond telework: How the federal workplace ought to work

Federal managers need to stop worrying about where their employees are working and start focusing on what work is getting done, according to Deloitte's Anne Weisberg and William D. Eggers.

How telework improves employee accountability

The oft-cited concern that teleworkers have no accountability is dead wrong, says one reader who. Tell us what you think.

OPM’s latest workplace experiments

OPM’s Results-Only Work Environment is a good example of how to bring management innovation into government, writes blogger Steve Kelman.

Obama talks telework

The president declares that regulations and technology won't stand in the way of telework during his administration.

Snowfuggedaboudit: Practical experience reveals telework isn't as easy as it sounds

Althogh this winter's record-breaking mid-Atlantic snowfall provided the perfect opportunity for telework to prove itself, some who tried it found that it's easier said than done.

What's your action plan for telecommuting?

Editor Nick Wakeman shares what he learned while being snowbound but still working every day during the Blizzard of 2010.

Will telework gain traction after record snowfalls?

The heavy snows of the past week should put a greater commitment to telework on the government’s front burner, to judge from the comments posted to our coverage. But many seem to fear that entrenched opposition will cause any push toward telework to fade as quickly as the snow.

OPM's Berry discusses telework during government shutdowns

OPM Director John Berry fielded questions about telework during an online chat session today and said he was optimistic that the blizzard experience would drive home to agency leaders the importance of making telework possible.

Government re-opens while feds talk telework in aftermath of blizzard

Now that severe weather in the nation's capital and elsewhere have provided ample opportunities for testing continuity-of-operations plans, federal employees have some thoughts.

Teleworkers get the job done with a BlackBerry and car charger

It's a worst-case scenario for teleworkers — being caught in a blizzard with no electricity — but they find a lifeline in the form of their smart phone and a car charger.

Feds brace for another storm

Another massive snowstorm threatens the Washington metropolitan area, overwhelms OPM's Web site, closes the federal government and sparks telework complaints.

Snow what? The news keeps happening

Thanks to modern technology, our news operation keeps on delivering, despite ever growing mounds of snow.

Government stays connected in aftermath of 2010 blizzard

Snow or no snow, government's work continues even for those who can't get into the office.

Networx on the brink of transforming federal telecom

With the Networx deadline looming, Verizon Federal's Susan Zeleniak offers her views on how the contract is progressing and its ability to transform government operations.