Apple's iPad to soon face new rivals

RIM and other computer makers are close to releasing new tablet computers to challenge Apple's iPad.

BRAC opens green opportunities at DOD

DOD is greening its facilities as it implements BRAC, but there are also opportunities for individual actions to have a big impact.

On Independence Day, who was free from techno tyranny?

On the approach of the July Fourth weekend, we asked readers to declare their independence from the oppression workplace tools. See what devices, gadgets and apps they chose to take a holiday from.

A tech-laden traveler encounters TSA -- frequently

Gadget-toting GCN Lab director John Breeden has gotten used to extra scrutiny at the airport.

How to zip your laptop through TSA security

GCN Lab's Trudy Walsh usually checks her 10-pound laptop in her luggage when she flies. How has your laptop fared going through airport security?

HP shakes up mobile market with Palm acquisition

Hewlett-Packard Co. said today it has agreed to acquire Palm Inc., credited with creating the smart phone, for $1.2 billion.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be eager

The GCN Lab finds 10 reasons why feds will love the iPad, starting with a couple of things it doesn't have.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be wary

The GCN Lab has offered 10 reasons(plus a bonus reason) why iPads would be good for government use. But what's right for one user isn't always right for another. So here are 10 reasons why government employees might want to take a pass.

iEnvy: Do BlackBerry users need an iPad?

The apps available for Apple's sleek new iPad have many BlackBerry-carrying feds drooling, but BlackBerry also offers a robust, if lesser-known, app store, says GCN Lab Director John Breeden.

Think you want an iPad? Read this first!

Everyone seems to want an iPad, but is it worth it? Early reviews paint a muddled picture of iPad's pros and cons.

6 technologies that will grab your attention at FOSE

The GCN Lab offers a few ideas on new products worth checking out during this year's FOSE exposition.

Flash media vendors eye DOD market despite strict rules

The Defense Department has eased its blanket ban on removable devices such as USB drives, and vendors are responding with tamper-proof hardware, FIPS 140-2 validated encryption engines and on-board antivirus

To USB or not to USB

USB thumb drives are very useful for transporting data between computers--as well as introducing malware into sensitive computer systems.

Hands on with Army Go Mobile gear

The real potential of the Go Mobile program is in providing military personnel access to their AKO/DKO accounts wirelessly. The days of luggable laptops might be over soon, replaced in this case with smart phones that pack almost as much computing power.

CSC wins $21M Alliant task order from EEOC

Computer Sciences Corp. will provide managed services to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under a seven-year, $21 million task order.

Top products: The class of 2009

GCN Labs picks the best products from 2009, based on more than 150 product reviews and rigorous testing.