Meet the 7 leaders who will be steering modernization dollars

The Office of Management and Budget announced the first members of the Technology Modernization Fund Board.

Obama signs Sequestration Transparency Act

A new measure requires the Obama administration to provide to Congress detailed plans for the forced budget cuts that sequestration will bring.

Partisan fighing mars sequestration hearing

As a hearing intended to help prepare for the effects of sequestration degenerates into a partisan shouting match, one embarrassed congressman calls the event a 'spectacle.'

OMB kicks off sequestration planning process

With sequestration just five months away, OMB reaches out to agencies. What is its first step?

Small subs get presidential attention, faster money

The Obama administration's new policy pushes prime contractors to make faster payments to small subcontractors as agencies pay primes faster.

New digital strategy will guide mobile, web initiatives

OMB's new federal roadmap includes a mobility strategy, but that is just the beginning.

How one small business embraced the cloud and won

Global Computer Enterprises reached for cloud computing more than six years ago and was one of the first to offer the service to government agencies.

Will senators pay attention to OFPP nominee?

Joe Jordan is poised to step into Dan Gordon's role as leader of the OFPP, but it could be too close to election time for the Senate to act.

OMB urges agencies to crack down on contractors

New memo from Jack Lew tells agencies to be more aggressive when contractors misbehave.

Federal CIO Kundra's leadership worth only a B grade?

A recent survey of federal IT professionals lauded former Federal CIO Vivek Kundra for making a significant impact and for his vision, but overall they gave him a grade of B for his leadership.

Obama wants small businesses paid in 15 days

The faster payments will give small businesses more confidence in cash flow, officials say.

OMB steps up hunt for fake products

The Obama administration's anti-counterfeit working group is looking for gaps in legal authority and regulation that may undermine how officials can check on the quality of products the government buys.

Can you help agency CIOs meet their new job description?

OMB Director Jacob Lew released new marching orders for agency CIOs. What areas does he want them to focus on? Let's talk tools for fighting waste and fraud

The oversight board wants a contractor to build a public dialogue on tools to fight waste and fraud.

OMB's press shop joins Twitter

Policy wonks can now follow @OMBPress for the latest news.

Is better IT spending data coming your way?

The Office of Management and Budget finalized new guidance on reporting IT spending as called for by the Obama administration’s IT reform plan.

Running a federal financial system often a juggling act

The American Council for Technology's Industry Advisory Council gave some advice to the White House on how to sustain effective management of existing federal financial systems while also modernizing those systems.