Northrop Grumman

HII, Northrop hire new strategy and business development leaders

This pair of blue chip defense hardware companies makes additions to their respective leadership teams.

Senior execs voice little concern about possible defense cuts

The leaders of Northrop Grumman and CACI International describe budget cut talk as "noise" emanating from Capitol Hill given the seriousness of national security threats.

IBM CEO joins Northrop Grumman's board

This move coincides with a critical juncture in the global computer chip supply and overall conversation around commercial technology in public sector.

Companies have no control over inflation, so how do they get through it?

Investors got some answers to that big-picture question from CACI International and Northrop Grumman.

Northrop promotes new defense systems president

That segment was formed out of a corporate realignment in 2019.

Engine deals reveal US wants to maintain three warplane makers

But the multibillion-dollar deals raise questions about just how far along the Next Generation Air Dominance program is.

Boeing, Northrop Grumman join group pushing 3D printing to small suppliers

The White House-backed compact is also part of an effort to make supply chains more resilient.

Northrop Grumman CEO sees signs of the talent crunch easing

The tight market for labor is intertwined with what is going on across supply chains.

DOD makes $1.3B in tracking satellite layer awards

This block of 28 satellites will be part of a next-generation space architecture envisioned as a large number of smaller-sized satellites.

Back to square one for $28B nuclear management contract

The National Nuclear Security Administration is taking current global events into account as it develops new solicitations.

Northrop elevates new diversity chief within its own ranks

Northrop's current leader of diversity initiatives will retire after four decades at the company.

CACI, Northrop report modestly improving macrotrends

Some lagging indicators remain in their latest quarterly financial reports even if they are looking slightly better.

Blue chip defense companies make moves for Defense Department’s 5G plans

Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin announce new partners for the department’s networked future.

DOD plans next phase of JADC2 satellite layer

Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and York Space Systems will build 126 satellites under $1.8 billion in contracts to develop the network for tracking and responding to threats from missiles and hypersonic weapons.

Navy starts the bidding for $4B shipboard network recompete

Companies can now start getting their proposals together in pursuit of a place on a Navy $4.1 billion contract to continuously upgrade the products and systems supporting shipboard networks.

Who's really at fault in this $400M State protest saga

General Dynamics IT has filed four protests over an almost $400 million State Department cybersecurity award. Is that excessive complaining? Not when the State Department has only itself to blame.