Teresa Carlson returns to Microsoft

She rejoins the company nearly 12 years on from her last stint there.

Microsoft, DoD sign research and development pact

The company may have the chance to negotiate exclusive intellectual property rights—with an exception for the government—to innovations emerging from the collaboration.

Lockheed further grows its '5G.MIL' partnership tent

Partnerships with companies in the global commercial technology arena are a key aspect of Lockheed Martin's strategy for creating what it calls "5G.MIL" and the latest example is seen in this collaboration with one of the largest cloud computing providers.

Insight scores early victory in $2.5B fight versus Dell

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims has sided with Insight Public Sector and has given the Navy 45 days to investigate claims that Dell used inside information to undermine the former's bid for a $2.5 billion Microsoft product license contract.

Microsoft readying Azure cloud service for government

Microsoft is planning on offering its Azure cloud service to the U.S. Government through a new offering called Windows Azure U.S. Government Cloud.

Microsoft wins $66M Navy contract for consulting support services

Microsoft has won a $66.4 million contract to provide the Navy with consulting support services.

Who won June's biggest contracts?

June brought another increase in the number of contract awards that we've covered during the month, marking the continuation of a trend we've followed since January. So who are June's big winners?

Microsoft's $412.2M DISA contract includes access to source code

Microsoft has won a $412.2 million contract for Microsoft Enterprise Technical Support Services for DISA, which includes revealing its source code and other proprietary resources.

Microsoft to expand cloud service into Australia

Microsoft plans on building two cloud computing centers in Australia.

Microsoft to combine Yammer, Office 365 sales teams

Microsoft has begun integrating the Yammer sales team of around 100 representatives into its Office 365 sales team.

Microsoft sets sights on Amazon with cloud offering

With Microsoft just launching its cloud service, some believe the company has mistimed the market; however, the company remains confident that its service will rival that of its biggest competitor, Amazon.

Is quantum computing the next big thing?

With companies like Lockheed, HP, IBM and Microsoft pumping money into quantum computing, and the CIA contributing millions to its development, can we be that far from a major breakthrough?

Is Microsoft Dell's $2B white knight?

Microsoft may invest $2 billion in Dell as part of a move to take the company private.

Inside Microsoft's $617M software deal with the DOD

Microsoft signs a huge licensing deal with the Defense Department. What does the agreement say about the way the government is buying technology?

Lessons from the 100 Best Companies to Work For

Fortune's annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For offers some good tips for building a culture that values employees.

Can Ballmer and Microsoft catch Apple and Android?

Steve Ballmer made his case before the Northern Virginia Technology Council on April 19, but is Microsoft just playing the "Me too" card?

Anonymous targets cyber bill supporters

New hacker campaign also promises in-person protests outside offices of supporters of Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.