Senate bill would suspend competitive sourcing

Federal agencies would be encouraged to bring previously contracted work in-house under a new bill introduced by Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

SBInet spending plan falls short: GAO

The Homeland Security Department has met only three of the 12 conditions set by Congress for its Secure Border Initiative spending plan, according to the GAO.

Group calls for formal cyberattack policy

A report by the National Research Council urged the government to form a clear national policy on its possible use of cyberattacks.

GAO: NOAA satellite procurement in trouble

NOAA's next-generation weather satellite procurement is running up costs and falling behind schedule, according to a new GAO report.

Ship tracking plans need review: GAO

The Government Accountability Office wants the Coast Guard to make sure its plans to improve ship tracking electronically for security will add value.

Mills confirmed to head SBA

Karen Mills would help put SBA back on track to carry out its lending, technical assistance and entrepreneurship programs, a senator said.

Coast Guard may need to report officials hired by contractors

The Coast Guard would change some acquisition processes under new legislation.

House to consider expanding biometrics at sea

The House will vote today on whether to expand a Coast Guard program that screens fingerprints of suspected illegal migrants and terrorists caught at sea.

Towns suggests IT committee to improve transparency of stimulus spending

Federal, state and private sector IT leaders should help track the stimulus package, House committee chairman suggests.

Microsoft tops U.S. companies on H-1B visas

Microsoft was the top U.S. company to receive H-1B visas in 2008, reports U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

GAO finds 25 contractors got work after debarrment

More than two dozen federal contractors guilty of fraud and illegal activity still managed to win millions of dollars in contracts, according to a new GAO report.

Towns warns against "con artist" contractors

Rep. Ed Towns has scheduled a hearing to examine whether more anti-fraud protections are needed in the economic stimulus package to guard against "convicts and con artists."

Fixed-price contracts required by stimulus law

Congress continues to limit contracts that give companies incentives, such as contracts with award fees.

Contractors call for Trade Adjustment Assistance

IT companies and trade groups are lobbying Congress to include trade adjustment money in the final stimulus bill.

Grassley submits H-1B amendment

The legislation would ban TARP funds from going to companies that employ H-1B visa holders.

Contractors, IT groups lobby against Buy American provisions

Several dozen companies and industry groups are joining in a lobbying effort to block Buy American provisions in the Senate stimulus package.

Legislation would revamp clearance process

House members have introduced legislation that would require reporting on governmentwide adjudication and investigation standards for the security clearance process.

Stimulus bill is no quick cure for struggling economy

It might take years before an infrastructure spending program proposed by President Barack Obama will have a positive impact on the economy.