The HUDdle: HUD's new Wordpress blog

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has rebranded its blog. Starting Tuesday it is now known as The HUDdle and is operating off of Wordpress open-source blogging software.

No summer doldrums for Citizant’s fed contracts pursuit

Citizant Inc. won new government contracts that combined are worth approximately $42 million over the next five years, the company reported today.

ICF wins new verification work

ICF International will provide verification and validation for HUD information technology support contracts under a new contract.

Horizon continues to focus on HUD insurance processing

Horizon Consulting Inc. will continue to provide home insurance processing for the Housing and Urban Development Department’s Atlanta Home Ownership Center under a five-year contract valued at $10 million.

Jerry Williams named HUD CIO

Williams fills the vacancy left by Lisa Schlosser, who left HUD in December to take a job with the Environmental Protection Agency.