Marines top three of five small business goals in 2015

The Marine Corps Systems Command and Program Executive Officer Land Systems surpassed three of its five small business targets for fiscal year 2015.

Can agencies mine real value from reverse auctions?

Reverse auctions can be a powerful tool, but acquisitions experts say that agencies need to improve how they use this too often misunderstood process to foster more competition.

Amazon win restarts CIA cloud contract

Although IBM plans to appeal, the judge's ruling in Amazon's favor means work on the $600 million CIA cloud contract can start immediately.

How to win an argument like Justice Antonin Scalia

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia offers his advice on how to win an argument and you don't have to be a lawyer to use his tips.

8 things you need to know about OASIS

OASIS has been a highly anticipated contract, and questions and concerns have been raised since GSA first floated the concept in 2011. But it's here now, and it's not going away. Here are some critical items you need to know.

Is there a silver lining for Booz Allen?

As damaging as the NSA leaker has been to his former employer Booz Allen Hamilton, how the company responds will be the difference between a momentary embarrassment and a long-term liability.

Procurement pain, frustration and constipation ahead

Contract delays are so commonplace today that it seems as if it has become the normal way of doing business, but that doesn't lessen the pain and frustration of a constipated procurement system.

Uncertain budgets hit small businesses hard

Budget cuts, gridlock in Congress, regulatory burdens, rising corporate costs and a climate of fiscal uncertainty are proving more troublesome for smaller government contractors, but some are seeing some signs for optimism.

OFPP's Jordan takes price debate to Twitter

Joseph Jordan, administrator for federal procurement policy at the OMB, has turned to Twitter for insights on the best ways for agencies to get information on prices paid when making their contracting decisions.

School teaches students how to hack

Students at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University are being trained to become proficient hackers, so that they may take their expertise to future jobs with the federal government and cyber firms, and work as top-notch cybersecurity experts.