FAST 50: How iTility turned a bad situation around

Things weren't looking good for iTility back in 2008. Then president and CEO Pete Sload bought the company and turned it around enough for iTility to land a spot on the 2015 Washington Technology Fast 50.

FAST 50: Credence adds nuts and bolts to consulting practice

Credence Management Solutions leverages its core value of employee cooperation, and it has paid off, landing the company a spot on Washington Technology's 2015 Fast 50.

FAST 50: Sev1Tech sees employee leadership as key to success

Sev1Tech gives its employees a lot of power to lead, and president and CEO Bob Lohfeld attributes their success to that trust.

Inside the 2015 Fast 50 slideshow

Explore our slideshow that looks at the numbers and trends behind this year's Fast 50, and learn more about the fastest growing companies in the public sector.

FAST 50: Red Rock combines accounting, software to sustain growth

Red Rock Government Services president Chad Davis uses his history in the intelligence community to help his company find growth and leverage relationships.

FAST 50: Marathon TS builds from experience to find success

The founders of Marathon TS had already created one successful company in the 1990s and have leveraged that experience to turn their current company into one of the fastest growing small businesses in the market.

FAST 50: Army Ranger rescues faltering company

Patriot Group International was faltering when CEO Greg Craddock hopped on board, just in time to turn the company around and into one of the fastest growing small businesses in the market.

n2grate debuts at No. 1 on 2015 Fast 50

With n2grate, president and COO Steve Halligan has capitalized on his sales career to lead a company that is comfortable where it is and optimistic about the future. n2grate leads this year's Fast 50 list.

Meet the up-and-comers of federal IT

The 2015 Washington Technology Fast 50 showcases the rich diversity of the small-business community and highlights some of the fastest-growing companies in the government market.

Introducing the 2015 Fast 50

We’ve ranked the 50 fastest growing small businesses in the government market by calculating their compound annual growth rate over the last five years.

Nominations open for 2015 Fast 50

The nomination period has opened for the 2015 Washington Technology Fast 50, where we rank the fastest growing small businesses in the market. Get your application in by June 15.

Introducing the 2014 Fast 50

We rank the fastest growing small businesses in the government market. Learn more about these up-and-coming companies, and what is driving their success in the public sector.

Diversity marks the 2014 Fast 50

From No. 1 to No. 50, the 2014 Washington Technology Fast 50 is a testament to the diversity and strength of small businesses in the government market. Learn more about the fastest growing companies in the federal marketplace.

Serving veterans drives success and new opportunities

Sometimes, success means figuring out what a certain market needs, and then being the solution to meet that need. CEO Dan Frank talks about how his Fast 50 company, Three Wire Systems, does exactly that for the veteran community.

Values drive growth for Healthcare Management Solutions

Healthcare Management Solutions was started when its two founders, nurses with high aspirations, decided to act on their desire to do more. Twelve years later, they have one of the fastest growing companies in the market, driven by a core set of values.

OBXtek leads 2014 Fast 50 for second year

OBXtek's growth has led it to the top of the 2014 Washington Technology Fast 50 for the second year in a row. CEO Bruce "Ed" Jesson shares how the company's strategy has remained steady.

Inside one company's journey from scratch to success

When you want to challenge yourself, there's nothing quite like starting an entire company from scratch. PotomacWave Consulting president Emma Sopko did just that, and has created a company experiencing rapid growth.

How one exec challenged himself with starting a business

When the economy took a turn for the worse, Zia Islam felt like he needed more of a challenge, so he took his commercial IT expertise and started a company that he then led to be one of the fast growing in the federal market.

2014 Fast 50 webcast explores lessons learned

Our annual Fast 50 special report features a webcast with executives from three companies who will share their stories and insights on how the market is developing and the challenges that lie ahead for small businesses.

22nd Century names team on $400M FBI contract

22nd Century Technologies fields a team of large and small businesses as teammates on its $400 million FBI IT Services Contract. Teammates include Booz Allen, SRA and HP.