Eyak Corp

GTSI dumps stake in EyakTek

GTSI has sold its stake in Eyak Technology for $20 million.

SBA suspension, budget delays take toll on GTSI Q1 revenue

GTSI's first quarter gets a double whammy -- the lingering effects of its SBA suspension and the impact of budget delays.

Contract management becomes top priority for White House

OMB's procurement policy chief is shifting the emphasis from the contract award process to managing contracts after they have been awarded.

Can GTSI make the switch to a services company?

GTSI's new CEO discusses the company's future, rumors of a sale and the impact of low morale in part two of our interview with him. What is his strategy for the company?

SBA suspends 2 firms, alleging they served as fronts

The Small Business Administration has suspended EG Solutions and MultimaxArray FirstSource until they can address accusations of acting as fronts to pass small-business work to large company subcontractors.

GTSI suspension: a shot across the bow?

SBA’s suspension Friday of GTSI Inc. from winning new federal contracts raised questions and concerns within the contracting community -- and maybe a little fear.

Eyak pulls back takeover bid for GTSI

Eyak Technologies LLC this morning withdrew its bid to purchase GTSI Inc. through a stock purchase deal.The move comes in the wake of a steep decline in GTSI stock Monday morning.

EyakTek continues pursuit of GTSI

Eyak Technology increaed its bid by 50 cents to $7.50 a share, but GTSI says no once more.

GTSI goes to court to fight takeover bid

A lawsuit filed in Delaware claims Eyak is violating its operating agreement by pursuing acquisition of GTSI.

GTSI again rejects suitor’s takeover bid

The board of directors of GTSI Corp. has again rejected an unsolicited takeover proposal by Eyak Technology LLC to acquire GTSI for $7.00 per share in cash. GTSI initially rejected the $7-a-share offer Aug. 30, two weeks after Eyak, an Alaska Native-owned small business, made the proposal.

Eyak renews merger bid for GTSI

Eyak Technology LLC has made a new merger proposal to acquire all outstanding capital stock of GTSI Inc. for $7.00 a share in cash, the Alaska Native-owned small business announced today. The proposal represents a premium of 35.1 percent over GTSI’s closing market price on Friday.