Congress backs off calling contractors lobbyists

One senator said the decision leaves the bill without a common-sense measure of protection.

More pressure to limit contractor pay

Two members of the Senate want to limit contractor salaries and guess which government employee's pay sets the bar?

Women-owned biz bill slashes dollar limit on contracts

The Fairness in Women-Owned Small Business Contracting Act of 2012 was introduced this week by seven senators.

Bill strips contractor reviews from past-performance evaluations

It would eliminate contractors' ability to point out even simple mistakes or offer their perspective on circumstances when the agency officials view it different way, critics say.

AIA hires former House Appropriations staffer as VP

The association's new vice president of acquisition policy brings extensive legislative procurement experience.

Panetta fires first shot in defense budget showdown

Get ready for the future's leaner Defense Department.

What does sequestration really mean for DOD?

The super committee's failure to identify $1.2 trillion in budget cuts was expected to trigger a nightmare for DOD, but is it happening?

Senate, White House clash over contractor jobs

An appropriations bill would bar agencies from hiring contractors for work closely tied to inherently governmental functions.

Should contractors get blamed for counterfeit parts?

Counterfeit parts, mostly made in China, have found their way into the U.S. military's supply chain, and now members of the Senate Armed Services Committee want to hold contractors more responsible.

House kills withholding requirement on contractors

The House approves a repeal of the 3 percent withholding tax on contractors. Next up a Senate vote.

Is Virginia going to steal Lockheed's HQ from Maryland?

Believing that states ought to compete, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to lure Lockheed Martin to the Old Dominion and away from Maryland.

Senators call for DOD to review ANC contracts

In the wake of the an alleged fraud scheme that cost the government $20 million, senators want Alaskan Native Corp. contracts reviewed.

Senate passes budget deal; What will House do?

Senate reaches agreement that could avert a government shutdown, but House approval is still needed.

House passes funding bill, but shutdown still possible

The odds are against a government shutdown, one expert says, but the Senate still could block a resolution.

Senate panel would limit DHS contracting, freeze some employment

The measure would stop DHS from using cost-reimbursement contracts for production of major systems.

From top DOD brass, more warnings against sequester cuts

Defense Secretary Panetta warns cuts could result in massive defense industrial base losses that would harm the U.S. economy.

Bill would set up library for contingency contracting

The measure would create an IG position with audit and oversight authorities and a "Center for Contingency Contracting."

House Republicans prepare to unveil new 3 percent solution

Lawmakers have continually said the tax that would keep back 3 percent of payments to companies would hurt contractors and make it tough for agencies to comply with the administrative burdens.

Congressional staffers have age gap on social media

A survey of congressional staff members found some interesting differences in how the offices are using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Potential debt limit fallout paints bleak picture for feds, contractors

If Congress fails to raise the government's debt limit before the Aug. 2 deadline, the federal government would face an unprecedented situation and federal employees are bound to be affected.