Deepwater whistle-blower case moves forward

A federal judge on April 5 allowed part of the Deepwater False Claims act lawsuit to be dismissed but held that the remainder should go forward.

DRC to assist Coast Guard modernization efforts

DRC will support several modernization efforts at the Coast Guard under a new $5 million, 5-year contract.

Coast Guard hopes third time is the charm for troubled Deepwater program

The Coast Guard has nearly finished the third fleet mix analysis of its $27 billion Integrated Deepwater System asset acquisition project, at a time when the program continues to have problems with affordability and management, according to a new report.

Deepwater whistleblower gets his day in court

A U.S. District Court judge refuses to dismiss the False Claims Act lawsuit against the Deepwater contractors and sets trial for next year.

General Dynamics to assist Coast Guard with telecom needs

The Coast Guard has selected General Dynamics Information Technology to help operate and maintain its telecommunications and information systems.

Coast Guard acquisition in smoother waters

The Coast Guard is making progress on acquisition processes and seems to have brought Deepwater under control, but plenty of risks remain, including hiring more acquisition personnel and containing costs.

Coast Guard readies professional services contract

The Coast Guard Acquisitions Directorate is preparing to isssue a request for proposal for a large professional services contract.

Coast Guard contracts chief plans major overhaul

The new head of the Coast Guard acquisitions unit said he wants to make permanent the relationships between the new unit and the Homeland Security and Defense departments.

GAO: Costs surge on Deepwater project

The Coast Guard continues to face management problems with Deepwater and with its computer modernization program, GAO says.

Coast Guard seeks contractor for EVM

The Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center will hire a contractor to implement its Earned Value Management program.

IG: Coast Guard not recouping on NSCs

The Coast Guard is not pursuing recoupment for structural and technical problems identified in the National Security Cutter program, according to a new report from the DHS inspector general.

Deepwater gets new acquisition chief

The Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate has a new rear admiral in charge — Ronald Rábago.

Deepwater can't shake DOJ's watchful eye

The Justice Department has declined to intervene to date but continues to examine allegations raised in the Deepwater False Claims Act lawsuit.

Coast Guard defends Deepwater procurement

Don't judge today's Deepwater procurement with outdated information, Coast Guard official says.

Deepwater whistle-blower 'has a conscience,' attorney says

The engineer who blew the whistle on alleged shoddy practices in the Coast Guard's Deepwater project took action because of his own conscience, his attorney said today.

Deepwater lawsuit marks another twist in a troubled story

A whistleblower has filed a lawsuit against the Deepwater prime contractor, but troubles with the project have a long history.

Lockheed Martin promises fight over Deepwater suit

The False Claims Act lawsuit involves a former employee's allegations that the company says it has already investigated and found without merit.

False Claims Act lawsuit filed against Deepwater contractors

A whistleblower has filed a lawsuit alleging serious deficiencies in performance by the prime contractors for the $24 billion Deepwater procurement by the Coast Guard.

Veritas deal hones in on security clearances

Veritas Capital buys a unit of Kroll Inc. to build a company focused on security-clearance investigations and employment screening services. By Nick Wakeman

Deepwater in trouble, watchdog says

The Coast Guard accepted the first National Security Cutter under Deepwater without completing operational tests, according to a watchdog group.