CIO-SP 3 Functional Areas

Here is a breakdown of the functional areas for the CIO-SP 3 contract for the small-business and full-and-open versions.

$40B RFP lays groundwork for health IT market

The health IT market is on the cusp of a growth period thanks to the NIH Chief Information Officer Solutions and Partners 3 program. But don't expect an explosion of spending.

NIH sets release date for $30B RFP

NIH is moving foward with a release date for its Chief Information Officers-Solutions and Partners 3 contract, valued at $30 billion.

NIH wins approval for $30B governmentwide contract

OMB officials have approved the governmentwide contract after recognizing agencies' new duties because of the major overhaul of the health-care system.

NIH contract in GSA's crosshairs brings in $2.1 billion a year

If the General Services Administration is successful in convincing the Office of Federal Procurement Policy that NIH should lose its governmentwide contract authority, the agency could pick up $1 billion in new business.

GSA could be trying to kill rival agency contract

GSA urged procurement officials to deny the NIH its GWAC authority, raising an old question.