BAE Systems

BAE moves to make its tech partnership net reach further

Company No. 24 on our 2023 Top 100 rankings has put a more formal structure around the teaming function of its strategy.

BAE's US board elects former Virginia representative

Elaine Luria formerly represented the Virginia district that includes Hampton Roads, where the Navy has a significant presence.

NGA awards $900M mission support contract

We know all the names of the 13 awardees, but given the classified nature of the work there is little publicly available.

Navy finalizes awards on $500M system modernization contract

Three companies will compete for task orders to integrate command-and-control systems on new warships.

Space Force chooses 18 companies for $900M data contract

The service branch prioritized commercial software offerings and current accreditations for the awardees' products.

Air Force gets moving on redo of $12B missile support recompete

Step one is extending BAE Systems Inc.'s incumbent contract to continue its support of nuclear weapons. Step two -- making a new award decision -- will take a while.

Navy awards $4B shipboard network production contract

The program known as CANES enters increment two of full production to consolidate the networks.

Air Force to rethink $12B nuclear weapon support award

The service branch receives recommendations on how it should do the re-evaluation for this 12-year contract.

Boeing's $5B missile defense win hit by conflict-of-interest allegations

One protestor is arguing that an industry teammate of Boeing had previously overseen work on the ground-based defense system.

BAE's US arm appoints familiar face as finance leader

This is Guy Montminy's second stint as SVP of finance during his three-decade career with company.

BAE's $12B win facing protests

Two competitors are challenging how the Air Force evaluated bids for this nuclear deterrent support contract.

BAE wins $12B ballistic missile support recompete

The company has been the lead systems integrator for the nuclear triad's land portion since 2013.

BAE wins $699M DOD supercomputing services contract

Work will support the Defense Department's network of centers that house high-performance computing capabilities.

NGA chooses 5 for $500M services contract

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is being cryptic about the actual work under a $500 million multiple-award contract.

Gaming advancements led BAE to acquire this training company

Bohemia Interactive Simulations' co-founder Pete Morrison believed video games could drive advancements in training and after partnering together for two years, BAE Systems has acquired "BISim." Here is how they are carrying that vision forward.

Navy starts the bidding for $4B shipboard network recompete

Companies can now start getting their proposals together in pursuit of a place on a Navy $4.1 billion contract to continuously upgrade the products and systems supporting shipboard networks.

TOP 100: BAE shakes off uncertainty with focus on the future

In uncertain times, BAE Systems created its own certainty by cutting costs, adopting a shared services model and keeping a focus on where its customers future needs are.