Feds' focus on margins puts industrial base at risk

Reducing government costs is in everyone's best interest, writes Stan Soloway, but too much emphasis on cutting margins will only hurt government and industry in the long run.

Has industry moved past the fear and angst of budget cuts?

Companies have done a lot to prepare for the coming budget cuts and it is starting to show.

Where's the gold in the federal market?

They aren't easy to find, but there are still rich opportunities in the federal market. Do you know where to look?

Are we heeding or ignoring lessons of 1989?

The defense budget draw down of the late 1980s offers important lessons of what to do and not do with today's budget crisis.

Does the 2013 budget stand a snowball's chance?

The outlook is gloomy for 2012 and beyond and little action is expected from Congress on pressing budget issues.

Like DOD, defense contracting must shrink

As DOD spending wanes, money for contracting will too, and industry must prepare.

Are contractors at risk of a flame out?

In today's market, growth is slowing and profits are had by cutting costs. How long can that trend continue?

Are you ready for a tougher 2013 market?

For IT contractors, 2012 will lay the groundwork for an even more intense 2013.

How to handle today's austere times

In today's environment, there are plenty of things beyond a company's control, but here are some things you can focus on.

The 2013 IT budget? Yawn.

The federal budget request for 2013 has been challenging to cover.

CORRECTION: Budget encourages contractors' political contribution disclosures

Our original story reported incorrectly that the Obama administration's budget request had backed away from the plan to require the reporting political contributions when submitting the bids for contracts. In fact, the opposite is true.

EPA blends cuts with targeted increases

Agency's request increases operating budget for more enforcement and grants to states, but low-interest loan program takes a hit.

What will 2012 do for you?

There are plenty of things to worry about in the coming year, but those same worries just might be opportunities too.

Panetta fires first shot in defense budget showdown

Get ready for the future's leaner Defense Department.

DOD tries to calm industry fears

Despite projected spending decreases, industry will remain the military’s key partner, a top DOD acquisition official says.

Obama, Panetta outline $489B in defense cuts

The administration plans to shift the Pentagon's focus from ground wars to rebuilding and deterrence while preserving innovation and partnership with industry.

How will you remember 2011?

And are you ready for 2012? Editor Nick Wakeman highlights the top stories of the past year with predictions for the coming year.

For agencies, only one measure of success really counts

In today's environment, agenices should set one simple goal and forget everything else, writes Editor Nick Wakeman.

What's your 2012 New Year's resolution?

The new year will require contractors to be proactive to stay competitive.

What does sequestration really mean for DOD?

The super committee's failure to identify $1.2 trillion in budget cuts was expected to trigger a nightmare for DOD, but is it happening?