What your customers face if the shutdown comes

Although President Barack Obama has repeatedly denounced a government shutdown in recent weeks, officials in his administration say they are cognizant that funding for the government expires April 8 and contingency plans are being prepared.

Executives reassess how to grow during tough times

Among the budget delays and economic worries, government contractors are still finding opportunities for growth. But they also are focused on controlling costs and investing in infrastructure.

Contractors, customers both hurt by short-term budget extensions

The federal government has been operating under temporary funding measures since October, leaving many agencies and contractors in limbo in terms of spending and planning for the current fiscal year.

DOD's shutdown plan for military, civilians detailed in guidance

In the face of a federal shutdown, the Defense Department has outlined a contingency plan in a draft memo.

2012 IT spending poised to survive aggressive cuts

An IT budget expert says IT spending will weather the budget crisis, but the debate on the 2011 budget will set the tone for 2012.

Fiscal crisis creates unique business opportunity

Now is the time to move beyond rhetoric and into action by forming true partnerships with government.

Shutdown redux: Early proposals rejected

The Senate has rejected two separate spending proposals. Now the clock is ticking again toward a possible government shutdown.

The month that was

A roundup of the top contracting news and events of the last 30 days.

Government shutdown threatens small businesses

Because of their reliance on contracts and fewer cash reserves, small businesses face a high level of risk during a shutdown. What can they do to protect themselves?

Government shutdown temporarily averted

Congress has approved a continuing resolution to fund the government until March 18, temporarily staving off fears of employee furloughs resulting from a government shutdown this Friday.

Government shutdown could get postponed

It now seems likely that a feared government shutdown at the end of this week will be averted, but the reprieve is only temporary. If Congress can't agree on a budget deal soon, the threat will return in two weeks.

Readers fret about shutdown risk

Our readers express anger, worry, cynicism in face of possible government shutdown.

Would a shutdown equal layoffs for contractors?

Most contractors expect to keep working during a government shutdown, but nearly a quarter believe there will be layoffs.

Federal government shutdown FAQ

The impending government shutdown is raising a a lot of questions about what's to come and what employees should do. Here are some answers.

What happens (and what doesn't) if the government shuts down?

Tell us what your agency won't be doing if the government shuts down.

Austerity best served with a healthy dose of collaboration

Columnist Stan Soloway says the best way to weather the coming years of government austerity is for agencies and contractors to collaborate on the best and most cost-effective solutions.

In today's market, the big boys should be wary

Long-time industry observer Jim Kane explains how changing market dynamics will give a competitive advantage to nimble and agile contractors over larger competitors.

Welcome to a new era of government contracting

Bigger may not be best, writes Washington Technology editor Nick Wakeman. What are some of the leading companies saying about what it takes to succeed in today's market?

Federal shutdown a possibility

The federal government's money runs out at midnight Dec. 18 unless the Senate takes quick action.

CIOs to get more power under OMB IT reform plan

Vivek Kundra and OMB want federal chief information officers to have more power. What other steps will be taken to fix IT procurement processes?