Cooperative Purchasing Program

<p>TD SYNNEX Public Sector is proud to provide our second comprehensive Oracle procurement vehicle for the OMNIA Partners agencies. Our contract offers a one-stop-shop with a full selection of Oracle products including Software, Hardware, Engineered Systems, Cloud Services, and associated technical services.</p> <p>Fill out the form below to receive more information and connect with a TD SYNNEX Public Sector expert today.</p>

Transitioning to Digital Government IT Roadmap

<p>72% of digital government programs accelerated in response to pandemic demands, but most are still optimizing existing services and programs. Our new&nbsp;Gartner&nbsp;roadmap shares major insights to the public sector leaders on how to avoid common pitfalls and lead smart, effective digital transformations to prepare for the future of government.</p>

MySQL Database Service

<p>MySQL delivers the Department of Defense (DoD) approved Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) for MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0. As part of the STIG development, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) evaluated MySQL Enterprise Edition against stringent DoD security hardening frameworks, as well as technical testing. This DISA STIG for MySQL provides a detailed guide and is a key resource for deploying MySQL 8.0 Enterprise Edition server securely. It allows government agencies to leverage key features exclusive to MySQL Enterprise Edition such as Audit, Firewall, Advanced Authentication, Transparent Data Encryption, and more</p> <p><font color="#1e1f21" face="-apple-system, system-ui, Segoe UI, Roboto, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif">Please fill out the form below to learn more about DISA STIG for MySQL.</font></p>

Visibility at the Edge

The Critical Role of Endpoint Security in the Federal Government

Today’s State and Local Government Cloud Landscape

Episode 3 of the "Migrating to the Citizen-Focused Secure Cloud" podcast

The Most Comprehensive Application Security Testing Solution for US Public Sector Contractors

The Most Comprehensive Application Security Testing Solution for US Public Sector Contractors

Protect DDIL and Air-Gapped Environments With BlackBerry AI-Driven Cybersecurity Solutions

<p>Whether a device is isolated for security purposes or deployed in a remote location, air-gapped and DDIL environments are still vulnerable to cyberattacks. These environments require a new, proactive approach to cyber defense, enabling organizations to shift to a Zero Trust security model more easily.<br /> <br /> Download this whitepaper to learn how security tools powered by mature artificial intelligence and machine learning hold the key to protecting networks and devices &mdash;even without a cloud or Internet.</p>

Beyond Digitization: What's Next for Your Agency's Data

<p>The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) deadline is fast approaching and this mandate is an opportunity to improve ROI, eliminate inefficiencies, and make better agency decisions that unlock the value in your data to support the mission of your agency. But why not take it a step further and leverage this new investment?<br /> <br /> Your agency is likely hard at work ensuring you meet the December deadline for digitizing your electronic records and submission to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The time and resources spent on this NARA mandate are significant and it&rsquo;s important to consider how other agencies are meeting this deadline and what additional outcomes agencies and citizens can expect from this investment.<br /> <br /> Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:</p> <ul> <li>How to increase the value of your electronic records</li> <li>The role of AI/Deep Learning to unlock meaning and value from all data types</li> <li>The use cases from Civilian and DoD agencies that are strong candidates for automation&nbsp;</li> </ul>

Got SOCaaS? How automation can alleviate cybersecurity burnout

<p>One of the most critical cybersecurity risks facing organizations in 2022 may not be what you think.</p>

A New Chapter for State CIO's

<p>State governments leaned on chief information officers heavily to quickly deploy new technology during the pandemic. Route Fifty looks at what the post-Covid era holds for these officials as new governors come into office, workforce challenges persist and the role of the CIO evolves.</p>

Delivering HIV and STI services where they're most needed

<p>How to improve your community&#39;s access to essential care with Color</p> <p>In the face of rising STI rates and decreased funding, creative new approaches to HIV and STI service delivery are vital to extending the reach and effectiveness of public health programs. Learn how Color&#39;s delivery model allows departments to deliver fast, convenient, discreet, and affordable services to everyone, especially those who need them most.</p>

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