Godspeed acquires spaceflight engineering company

Special Aerospace Services opened for business in 2007 and now becomes the private equity firm's vehicle for further investments in the government market's space vertical.

With Apollo's investment, SMX looks to change the tech implementation model

OceanSound Partners continues as the lead partner in SMX's next phase of its strategy, which will lean more into a tech-intensive approach as one of the world's investment stalwarts is now involved too.

Bernhard Capital Partners adds another Energy-focused contractor

The private equity firm now owns three companies focused on providing technical and other professional services to the Energy Department and its components.

Vibrint, pureLiFi form networking tech partnership

Their collaboration centers around secure light-based connectivity for intelligence agencies that do not use traditional wireless methods inside their secure facilities.

Los Alamos National Lab unveils new supercomputer primed for AI

NVIDIA, Hewlett Packard, and the Department of Energy jointly brought a new supercomputer to the New Mexico lab outfitted for processing large volumes of data.

How IBM blends AI and cyber for its federal clients

Artificial intelligence is one of the main priorities of Big Blue's corporate strategy and cybersecurity is a critical part of that.

Bowman enters government market via acquisition

Surdex will bring to Bowman a line of business in digital orthoimagery, a technique that combines aerial photos with a map's geometric qualities.

Accenture's federal arm to acquire Cognosante

Accenture Federal Services is also creating a new health portfolio through this addition of 1,500 people to its team.

Finance, tech and growth leadership moves across the market

One of the U.S.' longstanding nonprofit research-and-development organizations features, as does a space company that fetched $1.4 billion in Series A capital in 2021.

Bluestone forms partnership with ECS vets to find acquisition targets

Bluestone Investment Partners is joining forces with former ECS Federal executives George Wilson and Tom Weston to look for a company to buy and then build.

How Groundswell leans on tech partnerships in its wins

At its launch, Groundswell chose a few commercial applications to focus on and cites that approach as helping capture several contracts exceeding $100 million and aiding the pursuit of a $1 billion prize.

Noblis' venture arm backs digital twin specialist

Sedaro is working with Space Force on how to use these replications of the physical world in the design of spacecraft.

Washington Harbour invests in software engineering startup

Founded in 2018, Raft will put this new capital toward the research and development of new products for the digital battlefield.

Google is now authorized to host classified data in the cloud

The security milestone puts Google in a position to compete for classified business at U.S. defense and intelligence agencies.

Software-defined radio maker gets Blue Delta's backing

Herrick Technology Laboratories will use this investment to accelerate the development of a new product line and make acquisitions in augmenting tech areas.

Epiq Solutions buys software-defined radio firm

Epiq is using this acquisition to deepen its portfolio of software-defined radio products for defense and intelligence agencies.

RealmOne adds another software development business

RealmOne and its backers Enlightenment Capital are working to build a larger, midsized technology integrator for the intelligence community.