Last Eagle II protest denied

The last pending bid protest involving the $22 billion Eagle II contract has been denied by GAO. Can the announcement of the final contract awards be far behind?

The last of the pending bid protests involving the DHS Eagle II has been denied by the Government Accountability Office.

A protest filed by OASIS Systems LLC was denied this week. While details about the reasoning for the denial are not available, the denial means that there are no current protests in front of GAO.

All the protests have either been dismissed, withdrawn or in the case of the few that went through the entire protest process, denied.

In May, DHS cleared a major hurdle when it announced a new group of 68 large business winners for the service delivery portion of the $22 billion contract. Originally, DHS made 15 awards which were greeted with a slew of bid protests.

Those protests were mostly dismissed as DHS took a corrective action and added 53 more companies – nearly all of the protesters.

We’ve been waiting for a similar announcement for the small business winners of the service delivery portion, which is the biggest chunk of Eagle II. Here again, DHS made 15 awards and was greeted with protests, which also were dismissed because DHS said it was taking a corrective action.

I’ve had sources tell me that DHS has been telling the small businesses an announcement was imminent but so far nothing.

With this denial and GAO’s docket cleared, I can’t imagine what the holdup is, so we should hear something soon.

Stay tuned.