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Building From A Strong Foundation: It's Time For Digital Government

Oct 13, 2021

An October 2021 Adobe-commissioned Forrester Consulting study surveying 160 U.S. government decision-makers across federal, state, and local agencies, found that government agencies have made tremendous progress in their digital transformation programs over the last 17 months. Agencies ill-prepared for the overnight transition to remote work and digital services rose to the challenge. Accelerating their digital modernization has allowed agencies to better serve and support citizens and employees now and into the future.

Weaving Digital Transformations with Digital Thread

Oct 04, 2021

While federal and defense agencies' reliance on speedy contracting options is increasing, the demand on contractors to respond is also amplified. Digital thread, as a new approach, can be essential to contractors' efforts to maintain operations for the governments expanded requirements.

A Data-Centric Approach: A Priority for IT Modernization

Sep 17, 2021

In government IT today, there are few more important initiatives than IT modernization. And while there are many approaches to modernization—gradual replacement of technology, moving more workloads to the cloud, adopting more digital processes—many won't make it to the finish line without data as the centerpiece. Download this eBook now to learn more.

Payment Processes: Making Bills Make Cents at Vertex Aerospace

Sep 16, 2021

Companies rely on their Accounts Payable (AP) department to manage their bills. This process is not always as simple or cheap as it may seem especially when business is going well. An influx of contract wins at Vertex Aerospace flooded their AP departments causing vendors to begin hunting for payment and even threatening to stop shipping parts to their customers. It was at this point, Vertex had to make the decision to change its processes that, in turn, allowed it to repair its business credit and cut its costs.

Achieve Bid and Capture Excellence: Salesforce 360

Sep 01, 2021

The government contracting space continues to evolve as competition increases while customers expect better service and cutting-edge ideas to help them achieve their missions. Government contractors must now find unique differentiators and anticipate customer needs, and meet them quickly. Learn how Salesforce can help contractors win more business with solutions that provide complete data visibility and access across the enterprise for bid and capture success.

CMMC & Salesforce Offerings: Safeguarding CUI with FedRAMP Authorized Cloud Services

Sep 01, 2021

In coordination with the DoD, Defense prime contractors and subcontractors have long had the responsibility to protect sensitive unclassified data. And while the DoD has announced a phased rollout for CMMC, government contractors may reduce their acquisition risk by targeting a CMMC level at or beyond anticipated requirements. Learn more about CMMC and some of the challenges associated with protecting CUI, and how Salesforce can help contractors achieve CMMC compliance with Government Cloud offerings.

Post-Covid Organizations Prioritize Professional Development To Fill Skills Gap

Jul 30, 2021

The pandemic accelerated cloud migration, drove digital transformation and jumpstarted a coveted modernization of IT, but it also has forced agencies to rethink how they can build a nimble, appropriately skilled tech and security workforce to support their missions and programs in the new, modern work environment. Learn more about how we need to change the perspective and think about things differently.

The Five Elements of DevSecOps Transformation

Jul 26, 2021

In The Five Elements of DevSecOps Transformation, Red Hat’s Anne Dalton shares insights on simplifying the transformation process through five key elements.

Top 3 things to consider when selecting a Kubernetes platform infographic

Jun 25, 2021

Containers and Kubernetes have become the de facto standard for building, delivering, and managing modern cloud-native applications. In this infographic, learn the top 3 things to consider when choosing a Kubernetes platform.