Powering Federal Mobility: Simplified Mobile Computing, BYOD, Telework

Apr 18, 2013

Increasingly, federal workers are moving out from behind the desk—whether it be to go across the street or across the country—making computing mobility a necessity instead of a luxury. Government agencies that optimize to meet the growing trend of staff mobility and architect around services-based computing best position their workforce for the future.

Citrix mobility solutions help agencies build simpler and more cost-effective environments that deliver IT as a service and make it easy for staff to work in the most optimal way—anytime, anywhere and on any device. Government agencies have been challenged to make mobility and mobile applications a priority to better serve taxpayers and improve department accessibility. The key in this effort is to securely provide mobile federal workers with apps and resources anywhere they do business—an on-the-go workstyle that Citrix can help agencies deliver today.