Acrobat Productivity Study

Mar 30, 2012

Document creation and distribution is a core activity for knowledge workers and is an increasingly collaborative one. One of the most pressing questions facing IT decision-makers is the optimal desktop software image to support this activity, especially as collaboration expands to include more people both inside and outside the organization.

In attempting to answer this question, IT may overlook a powerful collaborative tool, Adobe Acrobat X, which offers many productivity benefits. In combination with productivity software such as Microsoft Office 2010 and back-end collaborative solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Adobe Acrobat X can greatly increase knowledge worker productivity for collaborative document creation, review, and distribution.

To quantify the strategic value of Adobe Acrobat as part of an organization’s desktop image, Adobe commissioned Crimson Consulting to undertake a study of how Adobe Acrobat X can increase knowledge worker productivity, based on live lab testing of common business workflows. Crimson developed eleven scenarios that represent common knowledge worker processes and workflows, such as:

  • creating
  • editing
  • sharing (text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms)

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