Accelerating Government Intelligence and Analytics with Adobe Insight

Mar 30, 2012

Adobe Insight is a solution that enables intelligence analysts to glean valuable information from vast volumes of constantly changing data and accelerates intelligence to the speed of thought.

Near real-time results

  • Instant query approximation response with 100% query completion in seconds or minutes
  • Responses to changes in filters, segments, or dimensions in seconds, not in hours or days
  • Constant query response time, regardless of data size

Rapid data integration

  • Virtually no limitation to dataset size
  • Flexible data schema that allows the integration of new data sources for analysis
  • Processing of incremental data into the system from log files and some applications
  • Complete retransform for new data sources in 12 hours

Easy extraction and transformation

  • Easy extension of the data schema for analysis
  • Visibility into processing steps for data validation

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