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Washington Technology Roundtable Webcast: Data-centric IT Modernization

In this webcast, attendees will learn how some federal agencies see easily accessible data as an integral part of their mission, how a modern database approach can reach across public and private clouds, how such an approach can insure data security, and how focusing on data can speed agency IT modernization.

2019 Washington Technology Top 100 Webcast

This webinar will explore the major trends in the market including IT modernization, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and how technologies are being applied to meet customer needs. The market also is at a crossroads with opportunities ahead as well as challenges, including budget issues and an aging workforce.

Inside NIST 800–171: Cyber Requirements and the Risk of Non-Compliance

A year after contractors were required to secure Defense Department data that resides on their networks, there is still confusion and misunderstanding about what contractors must do to comply with the cyber mandate known as 800-171. The crux of the requirement is that contractors must be able to show that their networks can securely house the non-classified but sensitive DOD data that contractors have on their networks in order to carry out work for their defense customers.

2018 M&A Special Report Webcast

In this hour-long webcast, we’ll take a deep dive into the biggest deals of the past year and what they say about trends driving opportunities in the federal market. Merger and acquisition activity has been reshaping the major companies in the market and creating new emerging players. A steady stream of new competitors is being created and this webcast will look at where these competitors fit in the market.

Contractors and the New Era of Cyber Compliance

In 2018, government contractors must comply with new requirements to protect government data on their networks. Companies must ensure that the government data they hold in their systems and use to serve their customers are secure. Contractors must certify how they process, store and transmit sensitive but unclassified data. This webcast will explore the nuances of the requirement and the NIST standard (NIST SP 800-171) that contractors must now comply with.

2017 Washington Technology Top 100 Webinar: A year of change and transformation

2017 has been a year of tremendous change in the marketplace and the Top 100 rankings are one of the best tools for the understanding the trends driving today’s competitive environment. This webinar will explore those trends including major merger and acquisitions, new technology trends, budget issues and evolving customer demands. Drawing from our data and from interviews with leading executives, Editor-in-chief Nick Wakeman will explore what the changes mean and where companies will find opportunities in the next year and beyond.

Government Contracting: Raising the Bar on IT Supply Chain Security

For systems integrators and IT vendors, the security of the IT supply chain is vital to their business with the federal government. The global nature of the IT supply chain makes security both more important and more challenging than ever. That’s where the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard comes in. O-TTPS — Mitigating Maliciously Tainted and Counterfeit Products — has emerged as a much-needed industry standard for ensuring the integrity of the supply chain. In this webcast, thought-leaders from government and industry will discuss how systems integrators and their partners can implement O-TTPS through the full life cycle of their programs.

Addressing Capstone Requirements for Files and Email

Take control of your data to meet requirements for both Capstone and the new Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI). Another key need is to obtain ownership information for all of your file content and ensure sensitive data is properly protected. Join us to learn how to shine a light on dark data, get rid of redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data. Also, learn how classification can be used to tag content to accelerate congressional and FOIA requests.

Modernizing the Supply Chain

As infrastructures continue to evolve to meet data-driven demands, the management of an organization’s supply chain is no exception. Many organizations are looking to modernize their supply chain and logistic operations to optimize efficiency and get greater visibility from end to end. In this webcast, experts from General Dynamics and CDW-G discuss best practices in managing the supply chain for federal customers, with a focus on both the management and security of the supply chain.

How to Win the Competitive War for Federal Dollars

Whether you’re a small business, an 8A firm or a major commercial firm, federal contractors looking to capitalize on available funds need the right information and solutions to meet contractual obligations and replicate past success. Join Deltek and IDC as they share insights on what it takes to thrive in government contracting.

2016 Insights: The “As a Service” Opportunity for System Integrators and ISVs

Join experts from QTS & VMware to explore how you can leverage existing FedRAMP-compliant IaaS platforms as an on-ramp to deliver high performance business solutions to agency customers – rapidly, easily and confidently using a more supportive cross-connected cloud infrastructure.

2015 Top 100: Is the Market Ready for a Comeback?

In this webcast, Washington Technology Editor-in-Chief Nick Wakeman will dive into the 2015 Washington Technology Top 100 and what the past year has meant to the largest and most successful contractors in the government market. He’ll share his thoughts on the market and how companies have weathered tight budgets and changing customer needs.

3 Ways to Help Agencies Overcome Lingering Obstacles to Cloud Adoption

Discover the top three ways to break down barriers to federal cloud adoption and help agencies start leveraging the benefits of the cloud, today.

Fast 50 Secrets

Washington Technology Editor-in-Chief Nick Wakeman will host a webcast exploring what drives the success of the 2014 Fast 50. Three executives from these fast growing small businesses will discuss their strategies, challenges and opportunities, including how to pick the right customers, developing the right capabilities, and managing growth.

The Pain and Promise of Today’s GovCon Market

In this webcast, Washington Technology Editor-in-Chief, Nick Wakeman will explore the impact of the 2013 sequester and government shutdown on the largest contractors in the market – the Washington Technology Top 100. He will share his thoughts on the condition of the market and the keys to success in 2014 and beyond.

Sequestration, LPTA and the Top 100

Join Editor of Washington Technology, Nick Wakeman, as he discusses the changes to the Top 100, how the Top 100 rankings reflect the major trends in the market today, and how the biggest companies in the market are adapting to today’s competitive environment. Don’t miss out on this exclusive webcast!

How Do You Support the Project Lifecycle?

How do best-in-class project-based companies create and actively mature successful organizations? They find the right mix of people, processes and tools that enable them to effectively manage the project lifecycle. Register for this webinar to hear how properly managing the cycle of capture, bid, accounting, execution, IPM and analysis will allow you to better manage your programs to stay on scope, schedule and budget.

Surviving Lowest Price Technically Acceptable IT Projects: Maximize your Returns and Customer Satisfaction Ratings

This exclusive roundtable webcast will be a deep-dive discussion featuring Nick Wakeman, Editor of Washington Technology, Van Ristau, Chief Technology Officer, DLT Solutions and Paul McCloskey, Federal Alliances Leader, SolarWinds. With tighter budgets and shorter lead times, new approaches are needed to deliver low cost, technically excellent, better value solutions to meet the fiscal and technology needs of today’s government. Register Now to learn to hear how you can maximize your customer satisfaction ratings, as well as returns on your LPTA IT projects.

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Federal IT: Consolidating Your Data Securely in a Cloud

In an era of mandated consolidation of data centers and migration of agency workloads to the cloud, Federal IT decision makers look for the best practices and guidance. With mounting pressure to comply with a growing number of efficiency mandates, the key areas they’ll need to address are the streamlining of infrastructure in compliance with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), and identifying and securing their cloud-based workloads.

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Getting Started: Removing Administrator Rights & Setting up Policies to Elevate Privileges for Standard Users

Widespread endpoint administrator rights are a nightmare for IT and a common factor leading to endpoint security attacks. Users who are “Administrators” on their endpoints typically do not need absolute admin rights to accomplish their daily tasks – yet having free reign on software installation and endpoint based operations often leads to malware and data breaches that are very costly. Moving to a least privileges environment is an effective means to mitigate endpoint-based IT security risks.

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Security and Recovery for Sharepoint

No matter how powerful and effective SharePoint is, the very nature of this power can send SharePoint into unmanaged chaos and expose your organization to content security risks. Protecting your SharePoint content from prying eyes, ensuring its availability to those who need it and auditing all activities and users across your environment are top priorities for compliance driven organizations.

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Data Management Fundamentals for Effective Government

A webinar examining emerging usage scenarios for government data, then suggest ways to leverage data management processes to enable more effective data use.

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Proactive FOIA and eDiscovery: Ensuring Transparency

Transparency, content integrity, controlling costs and managing complexity are FOIA and eDiscovery challenges. Data volumes have increased, new data types are emerging, potentially relevant data roams across your agency network, the cloud, and social media outlets and finally quick FOIA response and eDiscovery production are demanded. It is imperative that you proactively prepare for FOIA requests and litigation, simplify your workflow and make eDiscovery costs predictable.

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First Look at Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0: There's A New Sheriff in Town

Join this live webinar for a beta preview on how Red Hat delivers more value through open source subscriptions and helps to transform enterprise IT from a costly, inflexible model to greater innovation offered by open source software.

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Federal Cloud Security Initiatives Explained - Choosing the Right Standards and Technologies

Mapping the alphabet soup of federal cloud security initiatives is a daunting task. Tim Grance from the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and federal security expert Gunnar Peterson join forces to decompose the funded programs and standards initiatives to recommend an adoption path for cloud security.

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Maximizing The Value Of Virtualization

This webcast highlights an end to end virtualization solution that unifies server and storage in order to help your agency increase the value of virtualization, streamline deployments and recognize cost cutting efficiencies.

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Why Your Cloud-First Step Should Be IT Service Management

With shrinking IT budgets and looming data center consolidation projects, leading agencies view the Cloud-first mandate as an opportunity to reshape their IT strategy. The Cloud promises to save agencies money and help them to become more efficient. While this is true, it’s not as simple as flipping a couple switches.

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DOD's 5 Strategic Initiatives for Cyberspace Operations

Join the Defense Systems editors in this webcast to hear leading experts discuss how internal and external cyber threats against DOD systems can be addressed through good cyber hygiene and greater situational awareness.

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Fight Back Against Spear-phishing - Arm the User

Spear-phishing, poisoned search results, drive-by downloads -- legitimate sites being hijacked to push malware. All of these threats are the current reality and users are running into these attacks daily. Register now for this free webcast and learn how you can stop these attacks dead in their tracks by arming your users' browsing and PDF reader environments.

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Architecting Your Data Center Today for the Cloud Tomorrow

Today's government data center networks are under tremendous pressure to increase efficiencies, improve agility, and scale – all while budget constraints continue to place great stress on IT organizations. Join Juniper Networks’ Chief Security Architect Christofer Hoff, as he walks through the different cloud environments and describes the necessary steps to create a cloud-ready data center.

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7 Effective Tips for Securing Sensitive Documents from Internal Breaches

Join us for this critical webcast to hear what improved solutions are available to government personnel and contractors to restrict unauthorized access to sensitive data and learn about seven commonly overlooked, at-risk areas of vulnerability.

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Transforming Military Logistics with Defense Analytics

Data analytics is the "information transformer" for many military and DoD agencies, bringing relevant data together to improve timeliness, effectiveness, and accuracy of decisions and decision-making. Join this online event and hear leading defense industry experts and 1105 Government Information Group editors discuss how an enterprise-wide logistics system can improve organizations.

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Insider Threats Have No Boundaries, Neither Should Your Analytics Tool

Today's military forces need to be able to rapidly identify the actions and trends of individuals that will remove sensitive/classified information and act before the damage has occurred. Join us for this interactive webcast and discover how your operations can rapidly perform complex threat assessment analysis and more.

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Secrets to Success: Best Practices for Increasing Agency Online Performance

Government agencies are realizing the true power of an online presence. Attend this free webcast and get a complete picture of an agency’s online presence including an increased constituent satisfaction and a dramatically lower cost of service delivery. You’ll hear about advances in online analytics tools, and the systematic adoption of smart, repeatable best practice techniques.

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View from the Cloud: Evolving Networks to Yield Government Efficiency

As the industry develops solutions for a wide array of daily agency challenges, the cloud has become more defined. Join us for this complimentary webcast as Ciena’s Jim Morin and Chris Janson provide definitions of the cloud, implications for government networks and advantages offered to government agencies.

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The Shared IT Infrastructure: New Options for the Enterprise

Join FCW Editor-in-Chief, John Monroe, as he moderates this informative webcast featuring Shawn Kingsberry, CIO, Recovery, Accountability, and Transparency Board, on the challenges and opportunities agencies face building an effective shared IT infrastructure. You’ll hear best-in-class examples how agencies are transforming hard-wired desktops into virtual workspaces and making mobile computing into a secure reality.

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Actionable Intelligence from Advanced SIEM Systems

Join GCN and the leading experts for an insider look at how next generation SIEMs can complement existing security systems, using their high performance and advanced correlation capabilities to quickly view queries, simplify reporting and eliminate the need for database-trained resources.

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Now and into the Future: A View of Security, Privacy and Trust for the Cloud Era

Though the public sector is ready to embrace cloud technology for the anticipated cost savings and efficiency it promises deliver, many CIOs have valid concerns about the effectiveness of securing highly sensitive data from external and internal cyber threats. Join this online discussion as noted experts debate a number of issues regarding the technological and legal challenges confronting privacy, security and trust posed by cloud computing.

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Critical Mobile Communications Solutions for Government

Hear leading mobile communication experts discuss new technologies and tools available to government that are designed to improve availability of vital wireless communications in remote areas or emergency situations.

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Mapping Identity Credential and Access Management to Meet Inter-Agency and Private Cloud Interoperability Challenges

This webcast is now available to view on-demand. Hear Judith Spencer, government agency expert in identity management as she reviews the vision of ICAM; touching on the vulnerabilities it was developed to overcome and the challenges associated with reaching the “end state” required by the Roadmap.

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Next Gen Rugged Computing: Best Practices for Choosing the Right Device for Your Mission

Whether being used by first responders in a national disaster or by armed forces in a military operation, rugged computing devices must perform in the most challenging scenarios and conditions. For these reasons, rugged laptops need greater processing power, expansion capabilities and durability to ensure mission success. Listen to Christopher Townsend and leading experts to learn about deploying the right mobile products for your environment, real life use-cases for rugged laptops and the cost of ownership.


The Shape of Collaboration to Come

Join us for this informative webcast as GSA’s Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia discusses how new collaboration technologies such as Google Docs and SharePoint can increase your agency’s productivity. Learn how to overcome security and management issues and find out what new tools are on the horizon for GSA and other agencies.


Transforming Government: Real-Time Collaboration Boosts Employee Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, work no longer happens just in the office. People expect to be able to access their information at any hour of day and collaborate from anywhere with people around the corner or across the globe. The applications employees use at home, that let them share information & communicate easily with friends and family, drive these expectations. How can these new tools help in the workplace? With the right technology, employees can work faster, share ideas, and innovate at speed. Google Apps is a modern collaboration system for organizations that allows employees to collaborate in real-time, dramatically boosting productivity. Join us for this informative webinar to learn how Google’s innovative collaboration tools meet the needs of today’s government employees.

Angel Santa

Making Cloud Achievable: The Cloud Transition Checklist

On February 9, the White House unveiled its Federal Cloud Computing Strategy– outlining a three-step decision-making process for agency Chief Information Officers (CIOs). In order to comply with the federal mandate, 70 agencies across the government will begin their cloud transitions. n this session, our expert will cover the process transformation, resource evaluations, and the key role federal IT leadership plays in ensuring successful cloud adoption.

Lawrence Gross

Redefining the CIO: Federal Portfolio Management

Federal IT is at a crossroads, facing an array of challenges in establishing a consistent policy to equip and maintain an infrastructure to support federal agency mission accomplishment. Senior federal technology executives now have over-arching guidance to meet those challenges.

Webcast for Marketers: Inside the 2010 Government IT Buying Study - Who’s Buying What, Where, When and How. Special Recorded Encore Presentation

1105 Government Information Group recognizes the size, scope and complexities of government IT markets and the challenges involved in reaching and engaging these unique markets. To continue to build on its expertise and to help clients understand the public sector market, 1105 Government Information Group consistently takes the lead with innovative research designed to ascertain the needs and trends of the government IT marketplace.


Crush Crime with Predictive Analytics: The Memphis Police Department Story

With traditional policing practices unable to thwart a rising rate of criminal activity and budgets tight, the Memphis Police Department (MPD) pioneered a way to focus their patrol resources more intelligently. By using a predictive enforcement tool, MPD can recognize crime trends as they are happening, and enable precinct commanders to change their tactics and redirect patrol resources in a way that both thwarts crimes before they happen and catches more criminals in the act. Through such smart policing approaches, MPD has reduced the overall crime volume in Memphis by 30%, making life safer for their citizens.

Schneider Electric

Strategies for effectively deploying high efficiency and high availability data centers

As applications such as virtualization, blade servers, multi-core processor servers, and consolidation increase, it becomes critical to fully understand the drivers to realize your efficiency entitlement and deploy an architecture that can scale with your business. This session will help attendees filter out the hype, understand the science behind efficiency, and set realistic expectations for their own data centers.