Proposal Writing to Win in the Digital Age

This online course will teach you how to modernize your proposal writing to win in the digital age using persuasive, attention-grabbing techniques.

A 2015 Microsoft study found that digital distractions have resulted in the average person having an 8-second attention span, less than a goldfish! A 2016 Harvard Business Review article stated that bad writing is the biggest productivity buster. Yet, we still write proposals the old-fashioned way, as if our evaluators have unlimited time and focus.

Learning Objective:
Learn how to write effectively in the digital age with techniques to capture the evaluators’ attention and bring home the win.

Business development, capture and proposal professionals working in any market
(Federal, State & Local, Commercial)

1) 4 Tips for Effective Proposal Writing in the Digital Age
2) Exercises on Correcting Bad Writing Using Digital Marketing Techniques

Course Length: 1 Hour

Lisa Pafe, CPP APMP Fellow, PMP
Vice President, Lohfeld Consulting Group