Surviving Lowest Price Technically Acceptable IT Projects: Maximize your Returns and Customer Satisfaction Ratings

In today’s reality there are an increasing number of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) and Firm Fixed Price projects and renewals of existing solutions are increasingly competitive. IT dollars are being stretched, but federal missions still need to be delivered on and quality and security can’t and shouldn’t be sacrificed just to meet lowest price requirements.

Register for this exclusive roundtable webcast, featuring Nick Wakeman, Editor of Washington Technology;  Shamun Mahmud, Cloud Security Architect, DLT Solutions and Paul McCloskey, Federal Alliances Leader, SolarWinds to hear:

  • New approaches for putting together competitive, winning IT solutions for Cybersecurity, Continuous Monitoring and the Cloud
  • The importance of selecting the right tools to solve government technology challenges, while working within tight budget constraints
  • Strategies to maximize your returns on a Lowest Price Technically Acceptable IT projects
  • Recommendations to maximize customer satisfaction ratings