Federal IT: Consolidating Your Data Securely in a Cloud

In an era of mandated consolidation of data centers and migration of agency workloads to the cloud, Federal IT decision makers look for the best practices and guidance. With mounting pressure to comply with a growing number of efficiency mandates, the key areas they’ll need to address are the streamlining of infrastructure in compliance with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), and identifying and securing their cloud-based workloads.

Join us for this exclusive webcast with Beacon Technology Partners, and EMC Consulting for an in-depth look at these most pressing concerns on Federal IT agendas:

  • Where and why is data center consolidation happening?
  • What are key considerations in a successful consolidation?
  • How does the FDCCI mandate create more secure and more efficient Federal IT, and which cloud models should be considered as part of a data center consolidation?
  • What are the most popular “must move” cloud workloads?
  • What are the most important security concerns in moving workloads to the cloud?

Beacon Technology Partners will present findings from their research with over 250 Federal IT decision makers, and where they are in their cloud and data center consolidation efforts.

In addition, an EMC Consulting specialist will discuss how the upfront planning, implementation of proven methodologies, and best practices across all execution phases are the keys to making these projects successful.

Featured Speakers:

Brad Johnson - EMC Consulting Director for Public Sector. Brad and his team of skilled professionals have consolidated hundreds of enterprise-level data centers in both public and private sectors and leverage field-tested tools, proven methodologies, and best practices to help organizations move workloads to the cloud.

Jim McLeod-Warrick
- Managing Partner at Beacon Technology Partners LLC.  Throughout his 30+ years of experience, Jim has developed considerable expertise in application of various quantitative and qualitative market research techniques to help leading B2B and technology companies better understand the needs of their customers and prospects. 

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