Getting Started: Removing Administrator Rights & Setting up Policies to Elevate Privileges for Standard Users

Widespread endpoint administrator rights are a nightmare for IT and a common factor leading to endpoint security attacks. Users who are “Administrators” on their endpoints typically do not need absolute admin rights to accomplish their daily tasks – yet having free reign on software installation and endpoint based operations often leads to malware and data breaches that are very costly. Moving to a least privileges environment is an effective means to mitigate endpoint-based IT security risks.

Learn how to remove administrator rights on endpoints without impacting user productivity. No need to grant full administrative rights to users just so they can run a business application that requires administrative privileges. This webcast will discuss how IT administrators can manage and assign administrative privilege permissions to specific applications and desktop functions through granular control of administrator rights.

PC lockdown also helps with FDCC compliance, which stipulates that administrative rights cannot be granted to end-users and may not be made available on federal desktops and laptops.

During this webcast, attendees will learn more about:

Viewfinity’s step-by-step process that offers a non-disruptive, automated method for transitioning to a least privileges environment. This end-to-end approach automates the analysis required to determine user needs and prepare your environment. Next, Viewfinity’s customer, Douglas County Libraries will describe the proactive steps they have taken to secure its IT environment by operating in a least privileges environment. All users are restricted users with no local admin rights to their machines. While this better secured desktops, it presented its own set of desktop management challenges. Monique Sendze will present how she and her team are using Viewfinity's method for securing endpoints by elevating privileges at the application level rather than providing total administrative privileges. Systems are less at risk without sacrificing user productivity or increasing support call volume.

Featured Speakers:

  • Bob Vogt, Senior Sales Engineer at Viewfinity
  • Monique Sendze, Associate Director of Information Technology for Douglas County