Federal Cloud Security Initiatives Explained - Choosing the Right Standards and Technologies

Mapping the alphabet soup of federal cloud security initiatives is a daunting task. Tim Grance from NIST and federal security expert Gunnar Peterson join forces to decompose the funded programs and standards initiatives to recommend an adoption path for cloud security. Tim begins with a grounding in NIST’s baseline cloud security architectures/guidelines. Gunnar follows with insight into how these practices have been incorporated into programs such as NSTIC, FedRamp, FICAM, Cyberscope, and DOD-PKI. This will be followed with additional guidance on some of Intel’s solutions from Intel Application Security & Identity Products Chief Architect, Andy Thurai. A group discussion will comment on the adoption timelines, real world use cases, and applicable COTs commercial technologies.

Attendees of this webinar will receive a copy of Gunnar Peterson’s Federal Cloud Security white-paper.

Sponsored by Intel & McAfee.