First Look at Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0: There's A New Sheriff in Town

As the federal government continues to strive for greater efficiencies and to modernize IT infrastructure, agencies are increasingly looking for improved virtualization technologies to support critical missions and service delivery.

With the goal of improving Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization’s (RHEV) management, performance and scalability, RHEV 3.0 would provide federal IT managers greater support to handle larger workloads while reducing total cost of ownership.

Join this exclusive Webcast for a first look at RHEV 3.0 and learn how to leverage the new capabilities that can deliver improved scalability, performance and cost savings to your agency.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Updated KVM hypervisors based on the latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • How agencies are currently using virtualization? And what are some of the limitations?
  • The future of virtualization and how RHEV 3.0 fits into that overall picture?
  • How power user portal allows end users to provision virtual machines, define templates and administer their own environments
  • New multi-level administrative capabilities, improving product functionality for very large deployments
  • New local storage capabilities
  • Integrated and embedded reporting engine allowing for analysis of historic usage trends and utilization reports
  • SPICE WAN optimization and enhanced performance including dynamic compression and automatic tuning of desktop effects and color depth.

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