Proactive FOIA and eDiscovery: Ensuring Transparency

Transparency, content integrity, controlling costs and managing complexity are FOIA and eDiscovery challenges. Data volumes have increased new data types are emerging, potentially relevant data roams across your agency network, the cloud, and social media outlets and finally quick FOIA response and eDiscovery production are demanded. It is imperative that you proactively prepare for FOIA requests and litigation, simplify your workflow and make eDiscovery costs predictable.

In this day and age it is absolutely critial that organizations and agencies maintain secure access to information, respond effectively to public requests for information, and maintain a transparent, accountable and agile government. How can you speed decision-making based on a deeper understanding of your data in the early stages of response and discovery, while using defensible processes?

In this webinar, we will examine the following critical building blocks for deploying early stage discovery strategies to address these changes:

  • Implementing consistent, repeatable, measurable, and defensible processes
  • Ensuring application interoperability and integration
  • Leveraging a unified meaning-based computing platform

Join us at this exclusive event to learn how Autonomy delivers a fundamentally different approach, based on a unique ability to understand human information and universal connectivity to enterprise data sources and file types, including audio and video content. With the ability to analyze and access over 400 repositories, over 150 languages and over 1000 formats, Autonomy has helped more than 20,000 customers manage their information.