Architecting Your Data Center Today for the Cloud Tomorrow

Today’s government data center networks are under tremendous pressure to increase efficiencies, improve agility and scale – all while budget constraints continue to place great stress on IT organizations.  However, there are obvious limitations.  Application architectures, server virtualization and storage technology have evolved over time, but the network did not keep pace.  The result is complex, costly and inefficient data center networks that are not cloud-ready. 

Many organizations today have started applying the lessons of the cloud to their data centers.  In turn, they are seeing the benefits of a more efficient, agile and scalable environment.  How did they do it?  What steps need to be taken to start the journey to the cloud?

Join Juniper Networks’ Chief Security Architect Christofer Hoff as he walks through the different cloud environments and describes the necessary steps to create a cloud-ready data center.  Hoff will provide insight into how to fundamentally simplify the network and enable agencies to quickly roll out new applications and services. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to safely move to the cloud and realize the benefits of the various cloud environments
  • The three steps to successfully build a cloud-ready data center network
  • How to address the strategic security imperatives of the 21st century data center
  • Industry perspectives and best practices

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Featured Speaker:
Christofer Hoff, Chief Security Architect, Enterprise Business Unit, Juniper Networks